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Blue Yeti Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get Upto 25% OFF

May 11, 2022

Blue Yeti Black Friday 25% OFF

Hurry – now’s your chance to finally get a Blue microphone with up to 25% discounts! See deals.


Looking for the best Black Friday deals on a Blue microphone? Strap in and read on!


We’ve compiled the best deals on microphones below, including on the hugely-popular Blue Yeti range. Yup, that includes the Blue Yeti USB mic, Blue Yeti Nano, and more!


This Black Friday sale is the perfect chance to grab an excellent mic at a delicious discount. Just make sure to move quickly – these deals typically sell out fast.


The Best Black Friday Deals on Blue Yeti Microphones


Here are some Blue Yeti Mics to look out for on Black Friday!


1. Blue Yeti USB


blue yeti usb microphone


  • Discount: 23% OFF (save $30)
  • Discounted price: $99.99
  • Regular price: $129.99
  • Bit depth/sample rate: 16-bit/48kHz
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid, omni, figure-8, stereo
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


Great for: Live broadcasting and recording professional audio for a wide range of uses.


The Blue Yeti USB is an amazing condenser mic that’s ideal for live broadcasting and professional audio recordings.


Something special about this mic is how flexible it is. You get 3 condenser capsules and 4 pickup patterns, which means you can record for a range of purposes without needing multiple mics.


For example – you can easily switch between recording vocals for music, to Twitch streaming and talking on conference calls – all on the same mic! Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port to start recording or streaming on Mac or PC.


GET BLUE YETI USB @ 23% OFF (FOR $99.99)

* Deals available for Silver and White!


2. Blue Yeti Nano


blue yeti nano microphone


  • Discount: 20% OFF (save $20)
  • Discounted price: $79.99
  • Regular price: $99.99
  • Bit depth/sample rate: 24-bit/49kHz
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid, omni
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


Great for: A compact mic that’s perfect for streaming and professional recording.


The Blue Yeti Nano is a smaller and more affordable version of the original Yeti, and still packs a punch! The Blue Yeti Nano can record powerful broadcast-quality sound up to 24-bit/48Khz. It delivers no-latency audio output, headphone volume and mute mic options.


The Blue Yeti Nano offers 2 pickup patterns (Cardioid and Omni) for flexible use. At a lower price point, it’s perfect for beginners or if you have a smaller desk room to place a mic. If you’re starting up a podcast, streaming channel, or YouTube account – this may be the one for you!



3. Blue Yeti X


blue yeti x microphone


  • Discount: TBC
  • Discounted price: TBC
  • Regular price: $139.99
  • Bit depth/sample rate: 24-bit/192kHz
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid, omni, figure-8, stereo
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


Great for: Perfect for professional gamers and streaming, with great real-time processing options.


All hail the Blue Yeti X! This is a full-featured ultimate mic for creating and streaming. It gives you a lot of options to play around with, but it’s best suited for anyone who needs live real time processing. Thanks to its integration with Blue VO!CE software, you can fine-tune the perfect broadcast vocal sound – e.g. adding enhanced effects, advanced voice modulation and HD audio samples.



Other Blue Mics We’ll Be Watching on Black Friday


Outside the iconic Blue Yeti range, here are some other Blue mics we’ll be keep an eye out for:


4. Blue Ember


blue ember microphone


  • Discount: 15% OFF (save $14.99)
  • Discounted price: $85
  • Regular price: 99.99
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid
  • Output: XLR
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


If you need a capsule mic that delivers studio-quality sound, the Blue Ember is the way to go. This condenser capsule mic is ideal for voice recording and streaming, and is perfectly compact and low-profile to fit into creative spaces without being distracting. It uses a cardioid pickup pattern to focus in on your voice and minimize background sound.



5. Blue Snowball


blue snowball microphone


  • Discount: 25% OFF (save $20)
  • Discounted price: $59.99
  • Regular price: $79.99
  • Bit depth/sample rate: 16-bit/48kHz
  • Pickup pattern: cardioid, omni
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


This iconic Blue Snowball is a popular budget USB microphone. It uses a stylish two-capsule design to collect crystal-clear audio for professional-level recording and streaming. The multiple pick up patterns make it ideal for recording and streaming, but also for putting you ‘in the room’ during calls. Its retro style looks great on any desk and on camera.



Why Check Out the Blue Yeti Mics This Black Friday?


Blue Microphones are the brand behind some of the top-selling mics on the planet. Whether you’re a live streamer, musician, or just want to sound more professional in your Zoom calls, there’s a Blue mic that can help you.


What makes the Yeti range so special?


  1. Most Yeti let you easily record audio using a few different pickup patterns (e.g. cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional or bidirectional modes).
  2. You don’t need to install any drivers to use them – just plug into your Mac or PC’s USB port and start recording!
  3. They’re high-quality and built to be robust and transportable.
  4. Fantastic value for money: you can record studio-quality sound at affordable rates.


Whilst Blue produces many great mics, they’re best-known for their iconic Blue Yeti range. They’re loved by both professionals and amateurs and are the #1 best-selling USB mic for YouTubers and Twitch streamers!


Why Go for a Blue Microphones Black Friday Deal?


Created in California, Blue microphones have been producing high-quality microphones and winning awards for over 20 years! They are definitely one of the strongest players in the market.


They are trusted by thousands of creators who want to create professional-sounding recordings. Plus, their microphones are some of the most recognizable and trusted around. If you’re a regular consumer of content or live streams, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Blue microphone in the background!


In short – if you want a reliable and entry-level microphone that can take the professionalism of your audio up a notch, a Blue microphone is a great solution.


Why Should You Upgrade Your Microphone?


In a world of content and digital calls, a great audiovisual setup is key for creative and professional success.


A high-quality microphone has lots of benefits and maybe especially useful if you’re:


  • A streamer who streams on Twitch or YouTube.
  • A content creator who makes videos for YouTube or any other video sharing platform.
  • An amateur musician who records their own music.
  • A podcaster who wants to improve their work.
  • Someone who makes a lot of video/audio calls on platforms like Zoom and Skype.


In addition, a good microphone is more reliable and offers better control over your recordings and lets you cut down on editing time. Once you try a professional mic, you’ll never look at your computer in-built mic the same way again!


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Grab the Best Blue Yeti Deals This Black Friday 2021!


One thing’s for sure – a great microphone is a valuable investment. If you’re looking to upgrade, you won’t want to miss out on any deals on Blue Microphones over the Black Friday sales period.


After these sales are gone, it may be a while before we see prices drop again. So move quick and don’t miss out!



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