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19 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Moms to Earn a Side Income

May 11, 2022


Being a stay-at-home parent ain’t easy. It’s fulfilling and noble, sure, but you’re on call 24/7. Is it possible to have a career on the side?


Thankfully, most moms are ALSO masters of multitasking!


A freelance career is perfect for mums to earn the family some extra income and find an outlet for their creative interests. If you’ve always loved writing, design, people, baking or fitness – why not make money out of it?


Today, there are thousands of freelance gigs you can fit into your own schedule.


We’ve researched 19 of the best freelance options for moms. They can earn big and are flexible enough to be squeezed into naptimes and around school schedules.




All average salaries were cited from ZipRecruiter or FlexJobs.


19 Legit Work-From-Home Jobs To Earn Side Income


1. Customer service representative


Customer service reps are high in demand right now! The shift-based job offers lucrative salaries with a low barrier of entry. The only requirements are to have good social skills and a good amount of patience – thankfully 2 things that most moms have plenty of.


Average pay: $37,097


Perfect for: Moms who are able to assist and talk to strangers over the phone. Keep in mind this job requires minimal distractions when you’re on the call with a customer. So make sure the kids know mommy’s working right now, or try and secure a peaceful spot in the home.


What it is: The job scope is to take calls from puzzled or concerned clients and assist them over the phone.


How to get it: FlexJobs, Freelancer, Upwork


How to learn more:
1. Slack Group – Support Driven
2. LinkedIn Community – Customer Service Professionals



2. Transcriptionist


There’re a LOT of videos and recordings that need to be documented down for filing and legal purposes. Transcribing can be done from home, and can be quite fun – exposing you to all sorts of interesting stories you wouldn’t otherwise have come across.


Average pay: $32,801


Perfect for: Moms with strong listening and writing skills that are interested in discovering new interesting stories.


What it is: Transcribing audio and video content for the government, companies, small businesses and clients.


How to get it: Indeed, Freelancer, Upwork


How to learn more:
1. Transcription Discussion Board
2. Transcription Essentials Forum



3. Data entry specialist


One of the more popular jobs for stay-at-home moms, data entry positions can be highly flexible roles that allow you to manage your daily routines with your children by working while they sleep or are at school. It also requires minimal training.


Average pay: $35,833


Perfect for: Moms with strong typing skills and keen attention to detail.


What it is: Transcribing audio and video content for the government, companies, small businesses and clients.


How to get it: FlexJobs, Freelancer, Indeed


How to learn more:
1. Zippia
2. Improve your typing speed on Udemy



4. Article writer / blogger


Starting your own blog lets you write about your life experiences or passions, and earn!


There are guides everywhere on how to monetise your blog, for example by selling ad space or through affiliate marketing.


Additionally, you can just sell your skills as a writer by producing articles for an existing blog or website.


Average pay: $48,732


Perfect for: Moms who have the gift of gab and like to write out their thoughts.


What it is: Writing articles on topics under the sun. If you want to capitalise your mum-expertise, there’s plenty of blogs that write on parenthood, financial management, and so much more! We’ve done up a whole guide to becoming a freelance writer here.


How to get it: Upwork, Indeed, Freelance Writing Gigs


How to learn more:
1. Our guide to becoming a freelance writer
2. Freelance Writing
3. The Write Life



5. Online tutor


As a mom, you’ve most likely taught your child to read and tutored them through assignments. Education is part of your daily routine, so why not convert those skills to earn an income?


Average pay: $43,476


Perfect for: Moms who are patient and are capable of teaching school subjects and life lessons to others online.


What it is: Tutoring students on Maths, English, Science, Economics or any other skills or topics that you can teach.


How to get it: VIPKID,, Chegg


How to learn more:
1. Facebook Group – Freelance Tutor
2. TutorAround



6. Proofreader


Do you find yourself easily catching errors when reading? Do you cringe when you see grammar mistakes? Do you enjoy reading? If so, then you might want to try out proofreading as a career!


Average pay: $43,136


Perfect for: Moms who have a knack for language and are constantly finding themselves spotting (and getting irked by) spelling mistakes.


What it is: Read written pieces and correct any grammatical, spelling, syntax and formatting errors.


How to get it: Freelancer, Proofreading Services


How to learn more:
1. Facebook Group – Proofreader Zone
2. Career Explorer



7. Translator


If you speak more than one language, you can earn quite a pretty penny as a translator. Not only would it help you keep in practice, it’s also something you do on your own time. You’ll have more freedom to allocate time and tend to the kids.


Average pay: $67,343


Perfect for: Multilingual moms that are comfortable speaking and writing in different languages.


What it is: Translate audio files or written documents from one language into another, often for remote clients.


How to get it: Upwork, Freelancer


How to learn more:
2. Facebook Group – Freelance Translator



8. Etsy seller


Many moms are gifted with homemaking skills and crafts such as knitting, creating jewelry and sewing clothes. Through Etsy, moms can sell their crafts as handmade artisan products to earn extra income.


Average pay: $53,000


Perfect for: Creative moms who love to craft things, sew clothes, paint, make jewellery – you name it.


What it is: Creating handicrafts to market online.


How to get it: Etsy


How to learn more:
1. Check out Handmade Journey on how to make $53K in her first year
2. And another here – Millenial Boss



9. Health coach


If fitness is something you’re passionate about, why share it with others and help them along their health journey?


A role in fitness and mental health can also help you yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle. It may involve you sharing tips on your own workouts and meals, or you may want to look into getting a fitness or dietary certification.


Average pay: $45,324


Perfect for: Moms who love to keep in shape and are quite knowledgeable in fitness. Especially those who want to help others live healthier lifestyles as well.


What it is: Motivates clients to live a healthier lifestyle to reach their goals. Provide them with fitness tips, guidance, and mental health support.


How to get it: FlexJobs, Upwork


How to learn more:
1. LinkedIn Group – Health Coach Community
2. Facebook Group – Health Coach Power



10. Copywriting


If there’s one thing moms are good at, it’s convincing others to do things. Copywriting gives moms an outlet to let that talent really shine. Get paid to figure out the perfect words to say to convince someone of a product!


Average pay: $41,500


Perfect for: Moms who are great at one-liners and have a passion for convincing people through the best choice of words.


What it is: Create snazzy taglines and captions for marketing materials to attract more customers for a client.


How to get it: Freelancer, LinkedIn


How to learn more:
1. The Copywriter’s Club
2. Start Copywriting



11. eCommerce seller


Do you like shopping online? Do you like doing business at the comfort of your own home, at your own time? Why not try to become an eCommerce seller?


Average pay: Depends what you’re selling but can be highly lucrative.


Perfect for: Moms who like to shop online and also have a great business-oriented mind. Great for moms who have less time to work on their careers due to family obligations.


What it is: Sell products on various internet marketplaces. You might want to check out drop-shipping on Shopify or Amazon, or sell your own products on Shopify or Instagram.


How to get it: Amazon, Shopify, eBay


How to learn more:
1. Our guide on building online store with Shopify
2. Facebook’s eCommerce group



12. Events planner


Most moms are expert event planners — birthday parties, Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving, family reunions, you name it. They have the capability to plan for others as well, and earn while they’re doing it!


Average pay: $53,924


Perfect for: Moms who love to have plans and more backup plans. Especially those who are also knowledgeable in design and decoration. It’s also great for moms who are able to work calmly under pressure — which most moms are able to do instinctively.


What it is: Planning and organizing anything from weddings, to birthday parties, to bar mitzvahs.


How to get it: Create a website portfolio showcasing a gallery of photos of the kinds of events you’ve organized. Reach out to your network and market your business.


How to learn more:
1. Event Pros Gather
2. EventProfs Mastermind



13. Freelance sales representatives


Moms can be convincing when talking about products or services they’re passionate about. Many companies are very willing to pay a good price for someone with the talent to convince.


Average pay: $40,664


Perfect for: Moms who are friendly, well-spoken, and know how to close a deal.


What it is: Freelance sales reps work with multiple clients to build new business opportunities, as well as look for new sales leads through research, cold calls, and emails.


How to get it: Indeed, UpInSales


How to learn more:
1. ZipRecruiter
2. LinkedIn



14. Dog walker


Okay, this isn’t entirely ‘work from home’, but we wanted to squeeze it in. You might be surprised, but dog walkers are highly sought after and paid really well! It’s perfect for dog lovers, and you might also just make your child really happy.


Average pay: $22,000


Perfect for: Moms who love dogs and don’t have that much time to commit to working long hours.


What it is: …walking dogs.


How to get it: Sign up on PeopleForHire or look out in your local neighbourhood’s Facebook groups or paper.


How to learn more: Career Lancer



15. Brand ambassador


Brand ambassadors basically get paid to promote products from certain brands. If you’re a mom that is really into her beauty, health and/or baby products, you should definitely try this career path out!


Average pay: $35,836


Perfect for: Moms with marketing experience, a history in sales or retail, and/or a passion for what particular brands have to offer.


What it is: You team up with brands to build a client-based business by selling products or services on social media.


How to get it: ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Indeed


How to learn more:
1. Jobble
2. Indeed



16. Content marketer


Some moms are very creative, curating cute videos and social media posts about their family life. Many companies are sourcing for these specific talents and are willing to pay a good price for someone to do the same for them.


Average pay: $50,892


Perfect for: Creative moms with experience in growing brand awareness, and can think about the big picture.


What it is: You help clients market through social media by managing the site and regularly creating/uploading videos, articles and social media posts.


How to get it: Upwork, Freelancer


How to learn more:
1. Content Marketing Institute
2. Forbes



17. Travel consultant


There are plenty of positions for virtual travel consultants up for grabs! Here, you’ll help others to plan and organise their travel plans.


Average pay: $40,520


Perfect for: Moms with a passion for travel, a knack for getting things done and an eye for a great bargain.


What it is: Helping to organise and manage travel arrangements for all sorts of clients – e.g. booking hotels, flights, cruise lines or excursions.


How to get it: Upwork, FlexJobs


How to learn more: Check out The Travel Institute for courses/certifications, or TheWorkAtHomeWoman’s guide.



18. Photographer


If you’re the family photographer and love taking pictures, you should look into photography as it is a great side income-from-home job that could turn into something more.


Average pay: $45,500


Perfect for: Moms that love to whip out a camera and capture beautiful moments in their lives.


What it is: You help clients take pictures of weddings, baby showers, parties etc. You can also license your photos through stock photography sites for more side income.


How to get it: Freelancer, Upwork


How to learn more:
1. Online Photography Classes
2. Shoot & Share



19. Online stylist


Do you love fashion? Do you have an eye for what looks good on who? Why not become an online stylist?


Average pay: $41,821


Perfect for: Fashionista moms who keep up with the latest trends, love to shop, and have an eye for putting together stylish outfits.


What it is: Women submit a picture of their body type, their style, and their goals, and you put together a look for them virtually. Basically, give the sisters a makeover!!


How to get it: Indeed, Cabi


How to learn more: How To Become An Online Stylist



Wrapping Up: All moms are superwomen


With this big list of legit remote work for moms, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.


Best of all, you don’t have to worry about business clashing with family matters. Most of these jobs let you work on your own time, and maintain the flexibility to focus on your priorities.


Unlike a 9-5 where you’re forced to leave the kids unattended or with a nanny, you can spend the whole day with them and start working once they’re asleep!


With all your feats and accomplishments, I’m sure taking this step into freelancing would bring you to great heights, mom!




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