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Work for Bitcoin: 5 Sites to Find Jobs That Pay in Cryptocurrency

May 11, 2022

Ever woken up one day and wondered what it would feel like to get paid in Bitcoin? The advantages of Bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) are plentiful. Easy cross-border transactions, anonymous payments, possible conversion to hard currency, and more.


Yet as we know, most regular jobs pay in our local currencies. If you’re interested in Bitcoin, some jobs will pay in crypto – and I’ll show you where.



However, they’re still comparatively few compared to those paying in boring old currency.


5 Websites for Jobs that Pay in Bitcoin


If accepting payment in Bitcoin sounds like a good idea to you, there are specific ways you can earn them.


Of course, we’re not talking about trading Bitcoin either, but regular (or freelance) gigs that will pay in Bitcoin.


Here are some sites that will help facilitate this;


1. Blocklancer: Best all-round jobsite for earning crypto



Blocklancer website homepage.


Blocklancer is your typical job site that tries to match job seekers with job providers. The exception is the work here pays in crypto, specifically, Ethereum (ETH). However, even if you’re not fond of ETH, you can earn it and convert it to Bitcoin easily.


Here you’ll find a variety of jobs remarkably mainstream jobs. From writing and translation to experts in ICO and blockchain, there is something for everyone here. There’s even a section titled “XXX,” although I couldn’t access this link for some reason.


Interestingly, Blocklancer also has an option that will let users help mediate disputes. This addition is a unique way of offering a minor role within their ecosystem that stays true to their “pay in Ether” concept.


The site includes the job board (of course) and a poorly organized forum that sees decent amounts of interaction. If you’re planning to use Blocklancer, note a 3% charge on any gig obtained via the platform.


Visit Blocklancer for more information.


2. Jobs4Bitcoins: Best for multi-crypto job variety



Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit.


Since you’re looking for alternative payments, why not find one somewhere unusual; on Reddit. Those who march to the beat of a different drummer will likely be a fan of this. The social site houses everything under the sun, and Bitcoin-paying jobs are here as well.


Specifically, join r/Jobs4Bitcoins, and you’ll find lots of people willing to pay top Bitcoin for everything from the mundane to the strange. For instance, a cursory glance at recent offerings saw hiring posts for a blockchain developer and someone who’ll re-arrange a 1980s marriage contract template.


Aside from job offers, you can also create a post here offering your skills for hire in Bitcoin. Find the dream job that will pay your Bitcoins’ worth, put yourself out there, and name a price. If you’re already a Redditor, you won’t even need to create an account on the site.


The problem with finding a job here is that there’s no real oversight. Most regular job sites will vet applicants and the companies or people hiring. Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t offer this benefit, so there is a more significant chance of fraud. Also, this particular Reddit sports flashy colors, so be prepared for eye strain!


Visit Jobs4Bitcoins for more information.


3. LaborX: Safest place to earn crypto



LaborX website homepage.


Similar to Blocklancer, LaborX is a job board-style website that tries to connect job seekers and employers. There are both ad-hoc gigs and full-time jobs available on this site.


One key difference is the gigs, as they term them, offer varying payment methods from Bitcoin to Ether and many more. The downside is that various employers provide different sets of payment currencies. So you may end up spending time converting it all.


I find LaborX to be slightly more of a mish-mash. The lack of standardization can be incredibly beneficial but, at the same time, highly disorienting. Still, the site does seem relatively well organized on the surface.


There’s also a lower chance it will suddenly fold since it’s part of a larger group. LaborX is owned and operated by a blockchain company that offers HR software solutions. It’s mainly a way to push the blockchain agenda further.


Visit LaborX for more information.


4. PompCryptoJobs: Best for niche crypto employment



PompCryptoJobs website homepage.


PompCryptoJobs is not purely a job board for earning crypto. Instead, its focus is on connecting companies in the crypto industry with job seekers. Because of that, niche positions such as data scientists sit alongside the more mundane titles.


What makes this site more relevant is that compensation from some employers can get creative. For example, one post offers token grants as part of the compensation package. While it might be a fully crypto-paid position, the combination is interesting nonetheless.


AT the very least, access to the top companies in the crypto food chain brings far greater potential for converting to a Bitcoin-based income. Moreover, they will likely be open to negotiating compensation in crypto if there is the potential for cooperation.


Visit PompCryptoJobs for more information.


5. Bitfortip: Earn crypto for just being helpful



Bitfortip website homepage.


If the thought of a full-time formal job seems to repress your freedom-loving nature, then Bitfortip is the palace for you. Unlike regular jobs or even freelance sites, Bitfortip lets you earn tips simply for offering ideas or suggestions.


Users will post questions seeking feedback, and if you’ve got an account here, you can go ahead and put in your two cents to each of these. If the user who posted it likes your answer or suggestions, they’ll (hopefully) tip you in crypto for your efforts.


Don’t worry about not getting tips, though. Query posters need to offer a tip for each that they post. Unless their account is capable of funding such a tip, the query can’t get published. It’s an excellent way to earn some small tips for speaking your mind.


Bitfortips supports tips in Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, NANO, and Tezos.


Visit Bitfortip for more information.


6. Bonus: Be Your Own Boss


Instead of relying on getting paid by others, being your boss is one way of ensuring you can choose the mode of payment, including Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.


If this sounds a little edgy to you, there are several ways to do this.


  1. Start an eCommerce website or online store
    Amazon, Rakuten, and Alibaba have clearly shown us how far borderless trade has come. Starting an online store means access to a customer base around the world. All you need to be concerned about is running it like a regular business, then allowing your customer to pay in crypto.
    There are even ready-made payments engines that support crypto payments. Some examples include CryptAPI, Coinpayments, and Shopify Gateway.
  2. Run a consulting business

    Consulting work is typically turnkey, and customers are quoted based on specific needs. Smaller businesses are also more open to flexible payment options, so you can choose to bill in crypto as well.
    Like other Internet-based jobs, all you need to focus on is building a website that’ll bring in traffic. That’s going to be your number one source of lead generation; potential customers.

  3. Affiliate marketing or dropshipping

    Affiliate marketing and dropshipping are similar in the sense you don’t need to keep inventory. For the former, some affiliate marketing plans are willing to pay in crypto. Dropshippers, on the other hand, are free to charge in whatever currency you desire.



Getting Started and Earning Your First Bitcoin


Before deciding you want to get paid in cryptocurrency, you should have the basics in place. Don’t worry though, all you need to handle getting paid in Bitcoin is getting the best crypto wallet for the job.


In another article, I’ve covered this more extensively, Best Crypto Wallets, where I shared the ins and out of the top wallets in the business. Each has unique characteristics, and choosing the right one for your needs is key to a happy life earning Bitcoin.


More importantly, you need to have a bit of knowledge about cryptocurrency, so you don’t get cheated. It’s easy to be fooled by the big numbers that many cryptocurrencies show today. Make sure you know exactly how much that means in your local currency.


Things to be aware of include for your first Bitcoin job include;


  • Keeping your crypto secure
  • Average exchange rates for the crypto of your choice
  • Possible challenges in converting crypto to your local currency
  • Fees involved in crypto transfers (this may vary depending on the wallet)


Still on the fence?

If you’re still unsure of your next move, learn why you should consider accepting Bitcoin as payment.


What If I Want to Work in the Blockchain Industry?


While this might sound oddly specific, one almost surefire way of getting paid in Bitcoin is to find a job in the blockchain industry. This possibility is because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have their core in the blockchain. It’s the very fabric that enables crypto to function.


Thanks to the massive amount of money that crypto now represents, many companies have gotten involved. It’s isn’t just about specific cryptocurrencies, but there are blockchain solutions to many things today.


Blockchain is essentially just a way of handling data. Because of this, companies use it for many things ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT) to logistics monitoring. Anywhere along the food chain is an opportunity since it’s an entire ecosystem.


It isn’t just the niche startup companies that are doing it either. Established giants like IBM do it too. One clear example is their blockchain-based vaccine distribution system that helps companies (or countries) monitor how things are going in their distribution efforts.


You’ll find roles in things that are technical or even for other areas like marketing and sales.



Long Term Considerations in Earning Bitcoin


It’s great if this article has helped give you some ideas about where you can earn Bitcoin. However, if you plan on doing this long-term or exclusively, some more significant implications need to be considered.


1. Potentially High Returns, Volatile Prices


One of the reasons you might be interested in earning Bitcoin is the potentially high return in value. However, as recent price crashes have shown, prices are volatile and can rapidly change. This rapid change could severely impact your long-term Bitcoin earnings.


2.Country-based Regulation


Bitcoin and other crypto aren’t yet the norm in many countries. We see some countries quite suddenly impose new regulations. For instance, the UK banned Binance, while China cracked down on crypto entirely.


If this happens where you live, you may find yourself unable to convert funds readily. That said, many will still readily buy, sell, pay, or otherwise trade in cryptocurrency. So unless there’s a global ban, Bitcoin and other crypto are here to stay.


Final Thoughts


Getting paid in crypto can be a dream come true. Like many other means of earning a wage, you’re free to choose between full-time jobs or simply being a part of the gig economy. It’s also relatively simple to start.


All you need is your trusty old crypto wallet and the right job that fits your skills.





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