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Insights & inspo to guide you towards happier, healthier living.

From mindfulness and sleep, to exercise and work-life balance. Here're our best tips for feeling your best self in the modern age.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

The 11 Best Nintendo Switch Fitness Games to Get You Moving

Get off that couch with these 11 fitness games for the Nintendo Switch! You won't even notice you're burning calories.

Orane Ennis

health benefits of an ergonomic home office setup

How to Set Up an Ergonomic Office at Home (& Get More Done)

Everything you need to set up an home office that works for you.

Michelle Brohier

self care activities

121 Self-Care Activities to Feel Better (& Why You Need a Self Care Plan)

How to supercharge your soul with a self-care plan.

December 14

Revenge bedtime procrastination

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination - What It Is & How to Win the War

Putting off bedtime has a new name - revenge bedtime procrastination.

November 10

I’m Not Good Enough - How to Beat Freelancer Impostor Syndrome

There’s an impostor amongst us (and it’s not you!) Here’re some tips on overcoming that nagging voice in your head.

January 7

how to Get Yourself Motivated

7 Effective Ways to Get Yourself Motivated (Even When You Can’t Be Bothered)

Feeling demotivated at work? Here's the pep talk you need to kickstart your drive again!

November 10

how to build your morning routine

How to Design a Morning Routine That Energizes You All Day

Learn how to create a personalized morning routine that will help you start your day off right every time.

November 10

man feeling guilty for not doing enough

Quit Feeling Guilty for Not “Doing Enough” in 2022

How to stop beating yourself up for not being productive 'enough'. Listen up!

October 21

how to Get better sleep

How to Get Better Sleep, Starting Tonight - 9 Proven Tips

We're hoping this article puts you to sleep.

November 10

writer block

Writer’s Block: the Myth and the Cure

Ever stared at a blank screen not knowing what to write? Here's how 10 famous writers battle their writer's block demons.

December 17

Wellness at Work

establish daily routine to maintain work life balance

Work-Life Balance - Is it even possible if you have clients across multiple time zones?

Working across multiple time zones - the struggle is real. Here's how to manage your projects without going mad.

September 6

communication tips with clients for freelancers

How To Communicate Better With Your Clients As A Freelancer

A big part of freelancing? Customer service. If you treat your clients right, they’ll keep coming back. Here’re some communication tips for you to keep clients happy and projects running smooth.

December 17

doing freelance work for friends family

Should You Do Freelance Work for Friends and Family? Read This First

Freelancers will usually keep their personal and business life separate. But what do you do when it ends up colliding, and a friend becomes a client?

January 7

Need an Emergency Fund

Why You Absolutely Need an Emergency Fund (Here's How to Get Started)

A 3-step guide on building an emergency fund (your future self will thank you).

July 22

What’s the Deal With Standing Desks? A Guide

Daren Low

What’s the Deal With Blue Light Glasses? Here’s Why You Might Need Them

Olivia De Santos

how to find time for workout

How to Find Time for Exercise (Even During a Pandemic)

The secrets to finding more time to work out.

November 10

Where To Find Your Freelance Community (9 Websites To Check Out)

A freelancers guide to finding community online.

December 17

lightbulb containing a brain unplugged

The Art of Disconnecting - How to Unplug From Your Devices to Fully Recharge Yourself

Most freelancers can’t survive without their devices - or can they? A guide to unplugging from technology, properly.

November 10

Personal Development

How To Hit Personal And Career Goals While The World Burns (2022 Edition)

David Yeo

How To Hack Your Brain - 6 Tips To Learn Faster

David Yeo

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