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The Best Standing Desk Converters of 2022 for Your Work Needs

May 11, 2022


best standing desk converters

A standing desk converter lets you have the best of both worlds by turning your ordinary desk into a standing desk - at a fraction of the cost. They come in countless styles and sizes - here at the top 9 we’ve found.


We’ve done the digging and uncovered the Ergotron WorkFit-T as the overall best standing desk converter for most people! However – it’s certainly not the only great option.


Different work needs, body types and tastes all factor into finding the right option for you. Our Bitcatcha team have been masters of working remotely for the past 8 years and we’re always looking out for the best options.


Our Top 9 Standing Desk Converters


  1. Ergotron WorkFit-T – Best premium standing desk converter
  2. FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser – Best runner up
  3. VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser – A top-rated pick on Amazon
  4. Jumbo DeskStand – Best wooden desk converter
  5. FlexiSpot Motorized Converter – Best electric option
  6. VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top – Best budget standing desk converter
  7. Posturite Opløft – Beautiful minimalist design
  8. Fully Cooper – Best contemporary design
  9. Varidesk Pro Plus – Great for heavy set-ups


using standing desk converter


Let’s face it, by now we all know the dangers of sitting all day at our desk. Whether for heart health or weight loss – there are many reasons to spend more time on our feet.


A standing desk converter (also called a ‘desk riser’) is a device that sits on top of your normal desk, and lets you elevate your workstation whenever you feel like it. The point is to let you alternate between sitting and standing at work. If you don’t have the budget or space for a full standing desk, then a standing desk converter can be a great workaround solution.



Prices shown in this article were based on the time of writing. To view current prices, click on the various product links.


1. Ergotron WorkFit-T

Best premium standing desk converter


ergotron workfit-t


“Premium design and superior construction make the Ergotron our first choice.”


This outstanding desk riser comes from Ergotron, a company based out of Minnesota, and uses a double Z, two-tiered design. It sits on top of your usual desk as a shining example of a premium desk riser. Though it doesn’t come cheap, we’re putting it top of our list because it does so many things right.


Stability is a key element of any desk, and this one is rock-solid. Even at its highest standing height, there’s little bounce or wobbling, thanks to its high-quality build. Alternating between sitting and standing is as simple as squeezing the handles, and lifting/lowering the platform.


The desk offers 20 pre-set heights which should be plenty enough to find the most ergonomic angle for most people. And whilst some desk risers lurch forward in an arc when lifted to standing height, the Workfit-T rises in a space-saving vertical motion. This makes it ideal for shallow desks and small workspaces.


Premium design and superior construction make the Ergotron our first choice. It looks extremely professional and comes in a few different sizes, each providing roomy desk space to work with. Whilst pricey, if you’ve got the budget to invest in a premium solution, the Ergotron Workfit-T won’t disappoint you. It’s gotten rave reviews!


[On the 37.5”] Solid as a rock. I’m a big person and I can lean on it heavily and it doesn’t move. Yes you can make it rock a tiny bit, but it doesn’t move a millimetre when I hammer away on my keyboard.”


Ergotron WorkFit-T specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 15” of vertical lift
Size variations 35”, 37.5”
Materials Metal
Item weight 56 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 35″(W) x 23″(D)
Weight limit 10-35 lbs
Price $489.00 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy Ergotron WorkFit-T


  1. Fantastic quality and very stable.
  2. No assembly required.
  3. Moves straight up & down.
  4. Large space on the desk to work with.


Reasons to avoid Ergotron WorkFit-T


  1. It’s expensive!
  2. Can’t adjust the distance between the monitor and the keyboard tray.
  3. The keyboard tray on the smaller models may be too small for both a full-sized keyboard and mouse.




2. FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter

Best runner up


flexispot alcoveriser


“A fantastic all-rounder that’s solid, stable and well-priced.”


Next is FlexiSpot’s AlcoveRiser. We’re putting it second because it strikes the perfect balance between affordability and functionality. It arrives ready-to-use. In the words of my colleague who unboxed it, “installation is brain-dead easy”, you just slide in the keyboard tray.


This desk converter uses a simple 2-tier design and is very robust and reliable. The powerful gas spring system and double-X frame keeps the weight distribution even, so it feels sturdy to type on, and when you’re moving it up and down. If you like alternating between sitting and standing frequently, this desk won’t hold you back.


Since it moves straight up when lifted, this converter takes up a small footprint and is ideal for shallow spaces and smaller desks – letting you set up a healthy workspace wherever and wherever your heart desires! Because the frame comes with rubber to protect your base desk, you can plonk it on any desk or kitchen counter without worrying about scratches. The keyboard tray fits a keyboard and mouse, but it also works well for seating laptops, thanks to the wide U-shaped desktop cutout.


Lastly – we love that this comes in wooden variations. We couldn’t get one near us, but we’d probably opt for this one.


It is super easy, barely an inconvenience to go from sitting to standing to sitting again. One lever on the right side of the riser to go up or down. When down, the keyboard tray sits flush against the desk, almost like it was designed that way. There is no wobble in the unit at all. Everything feels quite sturdy.”


FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height Goes from 4.7” – 19.7”
Size variations 28″, 35″, 30″, 32″, 42″
Materials Engineered wood, alloy steel
Item weight 34.9 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 28.4”(W) x 16.3”(D)
Weight limit 33lbs (desktop), 5lbs (keyboard tray)
Price $109.99 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Low footprint lets you work in small spaces.
  3. Unlimited points of height adjustment.
  4. Comes in many color/finish variations.
  5. Quick-release, removable keyboard tray for flexible use.


Reasons to avoid FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser


  1. Read a few reviews about bad customer service from FlexiSpot.
  2. Need to be careful when lowering it back down, or it can move quickly.




3. VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser

A top-rated pick on Amazon


vivo adjustable desk


“A top pick on Amazon with unlimited height adjustment.”


This VIVO comes very highly recommended, with a dazzling 4.7/5 stars on Amazon. It uses a 2-tier design that gives users a great ergonomic typing experience.


One of the best things about this desk is that it offers unlimited points of adjustment. Most desk converters make you choose between a limited number of fixed heights – but the VIVO Adjustable lets you raise your work platform and set it at the exact right height for your maximum comfort.


Another stand out feature is the size of the tiers. Both are very roomy and the keyboard tray is very ample – enough to comfortably fit a normal keyboard, mouse, and more. It also has a fairly low profile of 4.5” when it’s in its lowest position, which means you’ll probably only need to raise your chair a little higher when sitting. Since the keyboard tray is removable, you can also just remove it and place your keyboard/mouse on your original tabletop.


Thanks to the pneumatic lift assist technology, it’s easy to shift between positions and can even be adjusted with one hand without straining your back.


In all this desk riser is well-priced, easy to use and flexible enough to suit different setups and body types. They specify that users should be 6’0” and below (when used on a 30” high table), but we also read some reviews from users around 6’2 who said they loved it.


Highly recommended. Great design, features and overall look at a fantastic price. After only one week with this setup my hip and leg pain are gone. If you have been on the fence, get off and get yourself a standing desk. If your space is limited, get this VIVO.”


VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height Goes from 4.5” to 20”
Size variations 32″
Materials Steel, wood
Item weight 28.2 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 31.5”(W) x 15.7”(D)
Weight limit 33 lbs (Desktop), 4 lbs (Keyboard Tray)
Price $109.99 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser


  1. Great value for money.
  2. Unlimited points of adjustment.
  3. Moves straight up, no swinging forward.
  4. Minimal assembly – just add the keyboard tray.
  5. Can suit a wide range of heights.
  6. Sturdy and well made – can hold quite a lot of weight.


Reasons to avoid VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser


  1. Could be overkill if you’re only using a laptop.
  2. Can’t adjust keyboard.




4. Jumbo DeskStand

Best wooden desk converter


jumbo deskstand converter


“A no-frills but great looking wooden desk that offers dual ergonomics.”


This wooden beauty from Jumbo is a breath of fresh air. It’s made from strong high quality Baltic Birch laminate that is easy to assemble.


We love the Jumbo DeskStand mostly for how it looks. Whilst some standing desk converters can look bulky, the light wooden construction for this one gives it a light and airy feel. It doesn’t have that ‘depressing office corporate’ feel, and won’t look out of place in a home.


There are no fancy features here – it uses a 10 slot ladder and two wooden platforms. It’s very manual, but it does give you the ability to change the distance of the lower and upper platform relative to each other. This is ‘dual ergonomics’ in action – and lets you make sure you can get the optimum typing position.


Note that this desk does ‘standing’ a lot better than ‘sitting’. There are no moving parts to transition you between sitting and standing, and you’ll need to remove anything on the platform everytime you want to change the heights. On the bright side – it’s exceptionally easy to pack and store somewhere else when you want your normal deskspace back!


I like the flexibility to adjust the vertical distance between my keyboard and my screen. I didn’t want a heavy black metal contraption that would permanently take over my desk”. And, “My favorite part of this desk is that it can be easily broken down and stored cleanly under a desk or in a closet.”


Jumbo DeskStand specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height Top shelf sits at 25”
Size variations Original and Jumbo
Materials Wood
Item weight 21.9 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 30″(W) x 20.86″(D)
Weight limit 35 lbs for the top stand
Price $129.00 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy Jumbo DeskStand


  1. Beautiful minimalist design doesn’t look bulky.
  2. Ideal for home offices.
  3. You can adjust the distance between the lower and upper tray.
  4. Easily disassembled and packed away.


Reasons to avoid Jumbo DeskStand


  1. It’s a static desk – you will need to offload everything on the shelves and take it apart to change heights.
  2. The sitting option isn’t great.
  3. Only a few fixed height options.




5. FlexiSpot Motorized Converter

Best electric option


flexispot motorized desk


“A fantastic electric option for maximum convenience.”


Want a desk riser that takes minimal physical effort? Consider an electric option. We love this one from FlexiSpot that takes you from sitting and standing in seconds – all by holding a button.


It’s powered by a motor, which means you can change its height without any physical strain. Wow-factor aside – it’s ideal for anyone with injuries or back pain! Even better – there are no ‘predetermined’ heights, so you can stop the desk at any height that feels right.


As well as being well-priced for an electric option – this model has some nifty features. For example, it uses a patented bracing system to keep motion smooth, even when loaded up with your heavy monitor. You also get a nice spacious U-shaped surface and a cutout over the keyboard tray for laptops. It’s not ready out of the box, but setting up this bad boy should only take around 15 minutes.


When I was looking at the different desk risers available, the fact that this one is motorized made me choose it over the other options. It’s really easy to adjust the height by pushing the button. My Mac monitor is really big but I have plenty of space left for a small lamp and my mac mini to fit on the top part of the stand.”


FlexiSpot Motorized Converter specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 17” of vertical lift
Size variations 36″, 40″
Materials Engineered wood, alloy steel
Item weight 36.9 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 40″(W) x 16.3″(D)
Weight limit 44 lbs for desktop, 11 lbs for keyboard tray
Price $229.99 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy FlexiSpot Motorized Converter


  1. Electric motor lets you change position without physical effort.
  2. Well-priced for an electric standing desk converter.
  3. Very sturdy and doesn’t wobble.
  4. Smooth and quiet motor motion.


Reasons to avoid FlexiSpot Motorized Converter


  1. Pricier than non-electric models.
  2. The keyboard stand sticks out a bit.




6. VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top

Best budget standing desk converter


vivo ultra-slim desk


“An effective single-tier desk riser that’s great for smaller budgets.”


Not everyone wants to sell their kidney for a standing desk, and the VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top converter is a great affordable option. This single-tiered riser retails for under $100, making it perfect for lower budgets, or anyone new to standing desks.


True to its ‘ultra-slim’ name, this sits on your desk at an impressively low profile of 1.5”. This keeps everything on your desk at a comfortable height even when you’re sitting. The large platform surface accommodates many different types of desk layouts – including a full-sized keyboard!


Design-wise, it uses a powerful pneumatic spring to help you change position quickly. However, you don’t get many height options. This desk only locks at the lowest position and maximum height settings, which means that if you’re exceptionally tall or short – this may not be the best ergonomic fit for you. However, if you want a simple converter that doesn’t overpower your desk, or your wallet, it’s ideal.


Loving this product. The price wasn’t as high as other products and it gets the job done. Big enough for essential items that need to go up and down with me. Fit the monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse with room to still write on a notebook if I need to take notes. I still had room on the other parts of my desk to put other essentials. Great buy!”


VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 1.5” (resting position) to (10.5″ – 15”)*
Size variations 31”
Materials Alloy steel and MDF particle board
Item weight 19.36 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 31.1”(W) x 21.3”(D)
Weight limit 17.6 lbs.
Price $94.99 (see on Amazon)
*Please Note: This desk only locks at the lowest position and maximum height settings.


Reasons to buy VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top


  1. Ultra slim.
  2. Cheaper than most of what’s on the market – retailing under $100.
  3. No assembly required.
  4. Great option for standing desk first-timers.


Reasons to avoid VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top


  1. No tier or keyboard tray.
  2. Only locks at the lowest position and maximum height settings.




7. Posturite Opløft

Beautiful minimalist design


posturite oploft desk


“Scandanavian and minimalist design – the Oploft’s is a great portable solution.”


Functionality meets Scandinavian design in the Opløft. Initially a Kickstarter success story, it’s now a popular product on Amazon with a sweet 4.3/5 star rating.


The Opløft is another super-slim desk converter. It consists of a single platform which becomes unbelievably flat when compressed! This helps the Opløft integrate seamlessly with your usual workstation since it’s almost invisible at its 1.2” profile . You can keep it permanently on your desk and lift it up whenever you feel the urge to stand. The surface itself is also very spacious.


It uses a sleek cross-structure design and gas lift technology to raise up to 14 different height levels. The result looks stylish and minimalist, and it also saves space since it collapses into its own footprint. Users report it as being very stable.


It’s also surprisingly lightweight, which makes it portable and easy to store. Perfect for moving your workspace around and being productive anywhere – be it meeting rooms hot-desks, or your kitchen table.


Oploft also fits the décor of our office nicely. The sleek white color of the platform paired with its slim, low-profile makes for an extremely eye-catching piece of furniture. It may just be me, but seeing these throughout the building really makes the office aesthetic “pop” and gives a feeling of progress and productivity…”


Posturite Opløft specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 1.2” – 16.5″ of vertical lift.
Size variations N/A
Materials Aluminium
Item weight 26.5 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 30.7”(W) x 23.62”(D)
Weight limit 26 lbs
Price $349.00 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy Posturite Opløft


  1. Minimalist sleek design.
  2. Very low profile of 1.2” when flattened.
  3. 14 height settings.
  4. Smart cross structure design and gas lift technology.
  5. Portable.


Reasons to avoid Posturite Opløft


  1. Only 1 tier – no separate tray for keyboard.
  2. Quite pricey for one platform.
  3. No colour variations – only black frame with white surface.




8. Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Great contemporary design


fully cooper desk converter


“Elegant bamboo design with infinite adjust height positions.”


The Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter is another example of how ergonomic options don’t need to look clunky or gross. This beautiful steel frame is blended with bamboo to create a stylish alternative to many desk risers on the market. It also has some nice ergonomic touches, such as a bevelled edge on the keyboard tray which is comfortable for resting your wrists.


This standing desk also performs fantastically. It’s frame is made out of sturdy steel, rather than aluminium, and its double-X formation distributes weight evenly at any height, which keeps it stable. It rises up in a straight vertical motion, rather than arcing outwards.


It provides infinite adjustable height positions and you can simply operate the hydraulic lift to get it to the perfect position for sitting or standing. This model also has rave reviews on Amazon!


This adjustable desk came quickly, required NO assembly and now makes my work days much more pleasant! It’s attractive and has no “chemical” smell which is great. I am 100% pleased and satisfied with it. Only note: it’s not light.”


Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 35” of vertical lift
Size variations N/A
Materials Bamboo desktop and strong power coated steel frame
Item weight 57.1 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 35.4″(W) x 20.7″(D)
Weight limit 35 lbs
Price $299.00 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy Fully Cooper


  1. Looks appealing.
  2. Infinite height lock.
  3. Provides a lot of flexibility and range in height – can suit tall folks.
  4. Ships fully assembled.
  5. Well built and high quality.


Reasons to avoid Fully Cooper


  1. Quite heavy – may need two people to install it.
  2. Can be hard to find online.




9. Varidesk Pro Plus

Great for heavy set-ups


varidesk pro plus


“Their 48”model is perfect for heavy set-ups and multiple monitors.”


If you have multiple monitors, or a lot of extra hardware, the VariDesk Pro Plus 48” is a great option. It can hold up to a whopping 45 lbs in total, and stays stable at any height. It uses a two-tier design and takes up quite a lot of space on your desk, but this does give it the benefit of stability.


Another pro is that it adjusts more easily than many desks on the market. Its rowing-lift raising mechanism means you don’t need to use much force to move it, and you can keep your back in a neutral state. That said, if you’re suffering from injury, an electric desk may be a better option.


It gives you a decent amount of adjustment with 11 pre-set height options. We kind of wish there were more though, for the price-tag (the Ergotron Workfit-T retails around the same, but offers 20 height options).


If your set-up isn’t so heavy but you like the VariPro Plus’s design – this comes in 2 smaller sizes at (30”, 36”) which are considerably cheaper.


Setting it up was cake. There’s no assembly. I got everything setup in 15 mins, and it was back to work. I love the desk.”


Varidesk Pro Plus specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Height 17.5”
Size variations 30” (single monitor), 36” (dual monitor), 48” (for people up to 6’1)
Materials N/A
Item weight 52.5 lbs
Mounting type Tabletop
Work surface 36″(W) x 29.75″(D)
Weight limit 45 lbs (for the 48” model)
Price $495.00 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy Varidesk Pro Plus


  1. Stable and well built – depending on the size, can hold 35 – 45 lbs.
  2. Spacious work surface.
  3. No assembly required.
  4. Warranty? If you throw away your box, they’ll give you a new one.


Reasons to avoid Varidesk Pro Plus


  1. Quite an expensive investment.
  2. Keyboard tray doesn’t adjust independent from the rest of the converter.
  3. Texture is slightly bumpy – not great for those who prefer smooth.
  4. May not provide enough lift for very tall folks.
  5. Need to choose between preset positions.
  6. In addition, the higher up it goes, the less stable it becomes.




How to choose the best standing desk converter


So which model is best for you? It depends! Here are the things to consider when picking a standing desk converter:


1. Adjustability


A standing desk should be easy to shift to standing mode, and provide enough adjustability for you to find your perfect ergonomic height.


adjust height

How easily can you adjust height?


2. Design


Standing desks come in many different designs and materials – from your Z-shaped, to your X-frames. You want to make sure it can strike a balance between functionality and looks – so that it’s sturdy enough to stand your items, and that it can complement the office or home you’re in.


3. Can it work with your space?


It’s important to check how much height you need to work whilst standing at your desk comfortably – especially if you’re a particularly tall or short person. Remember to take into account the height of your ordinary desk when calculating this. You’ll also want to check that the desk can fit comfortably onto your desk space.


4. Will it support your monitors?


Standing desk converters typically have a recommended limit for the amount of weight they can support. If you have large monitors or dual monitors, you’ll need to double check that this is supported.



Tips for using your new standing desk converter


1. Expect to tweak your workspace


When you first get your standing desk, it’s normal that you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your normal sitting height. Even the thinnest converters will raise your keyboard tray up by about 1” higher than it was before (unless the tray can be removed). This will require you to raise your chair slightly, and you’ll probably need to tilt your monitors down.


sitting height

Even at sitting position, most standing desks will raise your work surface slightly.


2. Consider your cables


Since most desk converters are moving items, you’ll need to make sure that the cables going into your monitor and keyboards have enough slack to go from sit to standing position! Make sure you’re also able to route them away from any moving parts that can pinch and damage them.




3. Alternate between sitting and standing


Experts suggest a balance of sitting and standing. Try alternating every hour to see what works best for you. If you get fatigued – you can try stretching or shifting your weight.


4. Get a good ergonomic chair


Standing all day is tiring, so make sure you have a good chair with solid lumbar support, and that lets you make height adjustments. Alternatively, look into a leaning chair, which gives you the option to lean, sit or stand.


5. Get some support for your feet!


A standing mat is a cheap addition that can help take some of the pressure off your feet, and prevent fatigue. Alternatively, make sure you’re wearing some supportive shoes.



Why get a standing desk converter anyway?


With the rise of remote work and freelancing, more people are catching on to the benefits of standing at work. Here are just a few of them, and how a standing desk converter can bring value:


  1. It can improve your posture
    When we sit for long hours, it’s easy to start slouching, slumping, or craning your neck when looking at your keyboard or monitor. Being able to switch between standing and sitting can help improve posture and reduce the back pain that comes with prolonged sitting.
  2. Flexibility – easy to use and portable
    A standing desk converter is a dead-simple way to go between sitting and standing, without needing to commit only to one or the other. Some models are also portable, which means you can move them and use them in different places around your house or office.
  3. They can improve your health
    There are so many health benefits attached to standing desks – including lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Prolonged sitting has been linked to weight gain.
    We also burn more calories standing than sitting. Not only in the act of standing (which supposedly can burn an extra 1000 calories burned each week) but you’ll have the freedom to stretch or do squats whenever you feel like it!
  4. Standing up can increase productivity
    When you’re sitting, you can get lazy and reach for your phone. In contrast – standing is an active position. A lot of people find that they get their work done more productively on their feet.
  5. Cheaper and easier than a standing desk
    Getting a full standing desk can cost a fortune – they tend to start around $500. In contrast, you can pick up a standing desk converter for under $100. They’re also much easier to assemble, and don’t require you to throw out your old existing desk. If you’re new to standing, then a standing desk converter is a great way to test the waters.



Wrap Up: Comparing the best standing desk converters


So there you have it – the best standing desk converters that we’ve found. These devices can transform your work space and make it truly comfortable for long hours of use.


Let’s compare our top standing desk converters:


Specifications Ergotron WorkFit-T FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser Jumbo DeskStand FlexiSpot Motorized Converter VIVO Ultra-Slim Single Top Posturite Opløft Fully Cooper Varidesk Pro Plus
Height 15” of vertical lift Goes from 4.7” – 19.7” Goes from 4.5” to 20” Top shelf sits at 25” 17” of vertical lift 1.5” (resting position) to (10.5″ – 15”) 1.2” – 16.5″ of vertical lift 35” of vertical lift 17.5”
Work surface (W x D) 35″ x 23″ 28.4” x 16.3” 31.5” x 15.7” 30″ x 20.86″ 40″ x 16.3″ 31.1” x 21.3” 30.7” x 23.62” 35.4″ x 20.7″ 36″ x 29.75″
Size variation 35”, 37.5” 28″, 35″, 30″, 32″, 42″ 32″ Original and Jumbo 36″, 40″ 31” N/A N/A 30” (single monitor), 36” (dual monitor),
48” (for people up to 6’1)
Item weight (lbs) 56 34.9 28.2 21.9 36.9 19.36 26.5 57.1 52.5
Weight limit (lbs) 10-35 33 (desktop), 5 (keyboard tray) 33 (Desktop), 4 (Keyboard Tray) 35 for the top stand 44 (desktop), 11 (keyboard tray) 17.6 26 35 45
Mounting type Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop Tabletop
Materials Metal Engineered wood, alloy steel Steel, wood Wood Engineered wood, alloy steel Alloy steel and MDF particle board Aluminium Bamboo desktop and strong power coated N/A
Full specifications


Overall, our favorite standing desk converter is Ergotron WorkFit-T. In second place is FlexiSpot’s AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter, but we’d also highly recommend the VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser as it is a top-rated pick on Amazon.



Looking to set up your home office?


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