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The 11 Types of Websites to Start in 2022 (& How to Make Them)

A look at the 11 popular types of website you can start today.

Daren Low

10 Frustrating Reasons Why Your Website Speed Is Slow

Clicking on a website link seems like such a simple thing.   But behind the scenes, hundreds of requests are instantly pinged around the world to bring you the images and text. There’s a lot going on in those few short seconds, and there’s a lot that can go wrong.   Things can start to...

Daren Low

Tips & Tricks

Here’s How to Code a Website (A Complete Beginner’s Guide)

So, you want to code a website. Let's look at your options.

June 8

The 7 Best Domain Registrars In 2022 (Most Reliable & Cheap)

If you need a website, then you'll need a domain registrar. We take a look at the top 7 domain registrars to get you off to a good start.

June 29

13 Website Goals To Set (and Smash)

I’m obsessed with setting website goals. They keep me on track, and it’s the only way to grow a business.   Unfortunately, success doesn’t happen overnight (if only it did!). Sometimes it seems like a successful new website or business pops up out of the blue, but that’s not how it really works.   Behind...

May 20

long exposure night view on a highway

14 Lightning Tricks To Speed Up Your Website

This blog series about website speed has been a fun ride.   So far, we’ve learnt that Amazon would lose $1.6 BILLION(!) if their website slowed down.   We’ve also learnt exactly what’s going on behind the scenes to cause website slowdown.   It brings us to our natural conclusion: how exactly can you speed...

December 31

Product Research

best web hosting

The 8 Best Web Hosting Providers in 2022 (Server Speed & Uptime Tested!)

Daren Low

best website builder

The 5 Best Website Builders in 2022 (Site Speed, Features & Usability Tested!)

Timothy Shim

Web Design

website layout

The 13 Best Website Layouts That Always Work (With Examples)

Check out these 13 popular website layouts that never get old.

June 29

Website Color Schemes

How To Pick A Website Color Scheme That Engages & Converts

Here's how to choose the perfect color scheme for your website, no matter the niche.

June 29

Make your website design stand out

No More Boring Images - 13 Sites To Get Better Visuals For Your Website (Mostly Free!)

Got stock-image fatigue? Here are some little-known spots to find images for your website.

June 29

website ux design

Website UX Design Handbook: How To Dazzle Your Users & Get Them To Do What You Want

Our epic 4-part guide on what UX design is and how to nail it on your website.

August 5

Writing For Websites

Effective Website Content Writing - Tips & Tricks For Writing Website Content That Sells

Content writing for your site is easier than you think. Here's how to write killer content that sells itself.

November 5


Grammarly Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or not; Grammarly Premium can honestly make a difference.

March 11

best grammar checker

The 3 Best Grammar Checkers of 2022 (Features Tested & Compared!)

  Which is the best grammar checker? We say ProWritingAid – it’s absolutely jam-packed with features which can benefit professional, business, and educational settings and help you become a better writer.   Before you scoff and wonder how bad a grammar mistake can be, think of the prosecutor who mistypes “prosecuted” as “prostituted.” – before...

May 7

Want A Unique Tone-Of-Voice Like Nike & Innocent Smoothies? Here’s How.

Every good copywriter lives by one rule:   It’s not what you say, it’s how you say.   Good copy doesn’t just give you information. Good copy makes you feel something.   And that all comes down to tone. So before you decide what to write, take a second to think about how to write....

October 2

Website Speed Testing

bitcatcha website speed test tool

Everything You Need to Know About Our Website Speed Test (& Why You Need to Use It!)

Daren Low

top 100 website performance

Global Top 100 Most Visited Websites

Grace Tay

Web Development

The 7 Best HTML Editors Out There (And Why Free Options Work Just Fine)

HTML editors are a handy tool for anyone coding a website. Here are our favorites - 5 free, and 2 premium.

June 8

freelance platform for web developer

17 Legit Places for Any Web Developer to Find Freelance Work in 2022

Hey web developers, looking for freelance work? We’ve compiled a list of legit sites that offer frequent contracts (psst, you might even get a chance to work with Google and Disney!)

October 13

kinsta devkinsta

Everything You Need To Know About DevKinsta - The Free Local WordPress Development Suite

It’s no secret we’re fans of Kinsta as a managed WordPress hosting brand.   So when rumours stirred that Kinsta was working on a new tool to help developers – we were naturally curious. After all, these guys know WordPress like the back of their hand.   Today we’re looking at the freshly launched DevKinsta...

January 20

All Things WordPress

wordpress app store page

Easy Ways to Backup & Migrate Your WordPress Site (with Plugin)

For any blogger or website owner, it’s important to have some security protocols in place to prevent anything bad happening to your website. Yet even with the best security, there’s always a risk. Accidents happen. You might end up with a site that’s corrupted or hacked.   If you want to avoid losing your WordPress...

February 4

kinsta homepage

Kinsta Review

We’re taking a look at Kinsta - a managed Wordpress hosting service with a sharp reputation.

February 19

best wordpress hosting

7 Best WordPress Hosting in 2022 (Speed, Uptime, and Features Compared!)

Building a WordPress site? You can't go wrong with any of our recommended WordPress hosting here.

March 18

clipart of uploading files into wordpress folder

6 Ways To Increase the Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

This is a guest post by Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways.   When you have a WordPress website, you have to upload files every now and then to keep your site active and pretty. So you need to know that there is more than one way to upload your picture, theme, or any other content to...

October 4

laptop screen showing google analytics interface

How To Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Site

Google Analytics (GA) is a tool that many beginner bloggers, online store owners, and website owners tend to underutilize. In today’s digital age, data and information are absolutely essential if you want to have a successful website.   As a website owner, you should definitely have Google Analytics installed on your website. We’ve written a...

September 21

managed wordpress hosting

The 9 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms 2022 (Ranked!)

Managed WordPress hosting is a bit like having your own personal tech team.   It’s a hosting solution that is tailor-made (and super optimized) for WordPress sites, and it’s a step-up from the cheaper ‘shared hosting’ options.   Best thing about it? It takes care of all the technical bits behind the scenes, so you...

October 10

Popular Web Hosting


Hostinger Review

Our review recommends Hostinger as the ideal web host for any beginners or startups. Read more to find out why.

March 20


SiteGround Review

Our in-depth SiteGround review tells everything about the web host. See the results of server speed tests & uptime tracking on their servers.

January 30


Bluehost Review

Read Bluehost review to see their uptime record as well as server speed data. Learn the true color of Bluehost before signing up.

May 30


GreenGeeks Review

Read data driven GreenGeeks review to learn about the quality of GreenGeeks. Numbers will not lie. See their real performance here.

May 29

kinsta vs a2 hosting

Kinsta VS A2 Hosting: Choosing the Better of Two Web Hosting Titans

Kinsta and A2 Hosting may offer different products, but either will be a solid web host for your website. Take a look which is a better host for your specific needs!

May 10

Useful Tools