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5 Steps to Earning More Than a Fiver on Fiverr (A Guide To Fiverr Success)

David Yeo
May 11, 2022

earn more on fiverr as freelancers


Fiverr is one of the most famous freelance marketplaces on the Internet.


Naturally, many freelancers may be intrigued by this site, and will utilize it at least once. Some of them are able to earn a solid income solely through Fiverr.


With the selling point of the website being projects as low as $5 a pop, you might be wondering how they were able to increase their prices and successfully turn this into their livelihood.


Well, it starts off with making a successful Gig and building a name for themselves. Here’s how.



What is a successful Gig?


Saying Fiverr has a lot of Gigs to offer is an understatement. With over hundreds of pages worth of services to browse, the competition can get quite fierce.


However, you’d be surprised at the alarmingly high amount of poorly presented Gigs that turn potential clients off.


Even if you’re a master at your craft, if your Gig presentation is lacking, it’ll be hard for you to gain traction on this freelance marketplace.


What I’m trying to say is, there are many Gigs, but only a handful are considered successful. The best ones are even featured by Fiverr on their homepage!


Successful Gigs are crucial for a freelancer to increase their income and clientele.


So what makes a Gig successful?


1. A unique offering that appeals to most people


  • Having your own niche that many clients need will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • On their homepage, Fiverr showcases the depth of services they have to offer. Since this is a visitor’s first impression, they’ll choose to display Gigs that will appeal to a wide audience.


2. Bang for buck


  • Gigs have a much higher chance of being a featured successful Gig when the quality of work is worth much more than the price.
  • Gigs that offer high quality deliverables at low rates are often featured by Fiverr.


3. High-conversion Gigs


  • Fiverr keeps a monthly track on conversion rate for Gigs. Meaning the percentage of visitors that viewed a service then ended up purchasing it.
  • Freelancers with high-converting Gigs appear higher during searches, and some are chosen to be featured by Fiverr.


4. Higher average order value


  • Gigs that compel clients to spend more money than usual are more likely to land on the homepage.
  • Gig Extras ( such as various service packages and add-ons) are a great way for freelancers to generate a higher average order value.


5. Amazing testimonies


  • Great feedback and reviews are required for Gigs to be highly searched and featured on the homepage.
  • Freelancers need to be as close to 100% positive feedback as possible, and also have a high percentage of clients that leave positive feedback.
  • The more positive testimonies a Gig has, the more clients it will attract.


6. Seller level


  • The more you continue to provide excellent services, the higher your seller level will go.
  • Having a higher seller level gives freelancers extra perks and prestige, and also allows them to increase their prices.


Now that you know what it takes for a Gig to be successful, here are some proven actionable steps you can do to make it happen!



5 PROVEN Steps To Start Earning More On Fiverr


Step #1 – Make your Gigs look more professional


First thing you have to do is make your Gigs look more unique and professional. This’ll help you stand out from the crowd.


To do this, you can look at the titles and descriptions your competitors use for their Gigs, especially the ones that tend to show up on search more. What you’re trying to identify are the keywords that they use.


1.1 Titles


Titles that are clear and concise generally perform better. Although, it can be a bit difficult to fully convey the value of your Gig in just a few words. Testing out a few variations to see which ones will generate more interest is recommended.


The trick to finding a good title, other than using proper keywords, is being moderately specific. Your Gig title can’t be so niche that you’re discredited from people looking for something else, but it has to be specific enough that clients get a good grasp of the level of service you have to offer just from the Gig name.


For example, if you’re a web developer, a title that just says…


“I will develop a website for you.”


… might work, but it’s extremely bland and drowned out. Instead, go through your strengths and what you can offer that others can’t.


Think — What platform do you use? Can you develop a website in a matter of hours? Can you do it in another language?


If you’ve said yes to everything, then a great title for your Gig would be something along the lines of:


“I will create English or Spanish WordPress website in one day.”


By using that as a title, your services are still generic enough to be searched up when someone types “WordPress” or “website” but at the same time, you’re marketing something that only you can offer, which is bilingual options and speedy delivery.


1.2 Description


Your title piques the interest of potential clients. Once they’re intrigued by what you’re offering they’ll dig for deeper info. The description is your opportunity to sell your services and let potential clients know why they should do business with you.


Your description needs to convey most if not all your pitches as clearly but succinctly as possible. In fact, if you’re getting a lot of questions asking for clarification or details, your description isn’t doing its job properly.


Why I said succinct is because your description is limited to 1,200 characters. About 200 words. You’re given some freedom in formatting with font weight, font sizes, lists and highlights which you should take advantage of to enhance your descriptions.


If you’re still stuck in a rut about how you’re going to write your description, my suggestion is either to get a copywriter to do it (you’ll find them on Fiverr too!), or look at how your competitors write theirs and take inspiration from there.


Generally though, a good description consists of a thorough rundown of your services, equipment and qualifications. Don’t forget to include 3-5 keywords so your Gigs come up during searches more often.


1.3 Visuals


Unsurprisingly, Fiverr released a statistic that Gigs with a video sell 220% more than those without.


visuals help conversion and sales

The front page of Fiverr featuring top sellers. Note their titles and visuals.


You can convey a lot more about your work through images and videos. Like the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a great way to work around the word limit for your description.


Thus, just by opting to give a video description, you’re doubling your chances at making your Gig a super success.


If you don’t have a video yet, you should definitely fill up all three image slots with high-resolution descriptive pictures of what you offer. Keep in mind the dimensions for each picture should fit 682 x 459 pixels.



Step #2 – Don’t sleep on your seller bio


More often than naught, potential clients who are intrigued by a freelancer’s Gig are also compelled to check their bio. Nearly every curious person who clicks on your Gig will click on your profile too.


When a bio looks barren and doesn’t have a profile picture, it looks very shady. If you notice, every successful freelancer on Fiverr includes their profile pictures. They’ll also curate their bio so clients are more familiar with the person behind the contract.


A bio can be similar to your Gig description in the sense that it doesn’t have to be too long, you’re just letting the client know more information.


Generally, freelancers would briefly introduce themselves, list their experiences and help their clients get a better understanding of why they should book with them.


If you have any notable clients as well, it’s great to mention them in your bio. Potential clients would be much more inclined to work with you if you’ve got a great track record.



Step #3 – Set up great rates for your clients


Let’s be honest, Fiverr’s whole selling point is the fact clients can get things done at as low as $5 a pop. If you come in guns blazing with above market rates as a new seller, you’ll have a hard time.


Before thinking about earning a large income, your goal is to make sure that your Gig constantly appears at the very top of the search results. To do that, you’ll have to play at it with their own game; set an irresistibly low price.


clients prefer low to moderate rates fiverr

Clients on Fiverr gravitate towards low and moderate rates the most.


Yeah, I agree it sounds like BS when you’re selling top quality work at dirt cheap prices, but by doing so, it will help you out in the long term because it follows a simple but effective strategy.


This strategy is based on the criterias that I presented to you earlier on. The two most important ones being prices and reviews. Since the latter requires an existing presence on the platform and you don’t have that yet, you can only make use of the price as your leverage in the initial phases.


It’s best to set a low price until you’ve collected a significant number of positive reviews. Once you have at least 50+ and maybe levelled up as a seller, you’re free to increase your prices according to how your competitors at that stage are pricing their rates.


A small consolation for freelancers that have to trudge through working for nearly free is that Fiverr gives clients a choice to leave a tip at the end of every project. Since a lot of clients actually do feel bad about paying you literal peanuts, they often leave a tip. So even though you offer your services for a low price, it is most likely you will earn more than that.



Step #4 – Always ask for positive reviews


Once you’ve created a low-price but professional and unique gig, you should be able to land your first projects quickly.


Since Fiverr focuses on reviews and recommendations the most, your first few projects are very important. You’ll notice that once you’ve received your first 5-star review, your rankings will be much better, in general.


Thus it is definitely a great idea to overperform and be underpaid for a while. Note, this is ONLY applicable in this scenario, we highly advise you to do so on any other occasion.


Anyway, with such low prices, most customers are already satisfied if you communicate clearly and regularly with them and additionally deliver everything on time. Just as long as you remember to ask for it.



Step #5 – Don’t forget the buyer request section


The buyer request section lists thousands of jobs that clients need completed, and usually they put their budget for people to bid on. This is a goldmine for you to collect positive reviews and level up as a seller.


fiverr buyer request section

The request section can be a goldmine if utilized correctly.


To start, go and bid on jobs that you can do (if you can’t but it looks like an easy job, search Google for how you can do it and teach yourself if you have time). You may find that some of the jobs will require an hour or two of work for $5, if you can do it, just do it.


By doing so, you’re going to get 10 orders and reviews ASAP so that you’ll be promoted to a Level 1 seller. When you submit your order, make sure you ask in a polite way for a 5-star feedback. You can consider asking what you can do to make the order better so the client will leave a 5-star feedback.


Your goal here is to give the client more than they paid for so instead of thinking “is this all the person is going to do?” they think “Oh wow! Did I just get all this done for $5?!?!?”


When you send out requests, it’ll ask you to pick one of your Gigs to offer the buyer, make sure you pick the same one each time so that any review the buyer leaves will fall under this Gig.


Keep sending out bids everyday until you hit your cap. Almost 100% of your money will come from this section now since people still don’t know you. If you keep doing this, you should hit Level 2 in a few months, and hopefully make between $500 – $1000.


It isn’t really a lot of money for the time you invested but, as I said, it’ll be worth it in the long run.



Wrap Up: Growing your success on Fiverr


Being successful on Fiverr means having successful Gigs.


A Gig is considered to be successful when it presents itself professionally, promises above average deliverables with great deals, and is swimming in positive client reviews.


There are also other ways to supplement your growth to success such as by utilizing the buyer request section.


Overall, the most important factors of success on Fiverr you have to consider are professionalism, reviews and pricing.



David Yeo

About The Author

David is a content creator and freelancer. His journey started with writing songs, poetry and academic dissertations in Vancouver. David has freelanced for multiple companies around the world. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.