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jobs that pay in bitcoin

Work for Bitcoin: 5 Sites to Find Jobs That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Ever wondered how you can work for Bitcoin? Here are 5 sites to find freelance and full-time jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

Timothy Shim

How to invoice as a freelancer

Here's Exactly How to Invoice as a Freelancer (Are You Doing It Right?)

Everything you need to know about freelance invoicing.

Orane Ennis

How To Ask A Client For Payment Without Being Rude

Get Paid! How To Ask A Client For Payment Without Being Rude (+ Templates)

Clients ghosting you on payday? Here's how to request for payment whilst still keeping your professional cool.

July 22

How to reduce your financial anxiety

Freelancer Financial Anxiety Is Real. But Hey, These 3 Things Will Help.

How to navigate the scary world of unstable freelance incomes.

July 22

undercharging freelance work

Why You’re Probably Undercharging for Freelance Work (and How to Fix It)

Here’s a no-fun fact: over 50% of freelancers are overworked and underpaid. Setting your rates can be tricky business so here are tips on how to avoid undercharging clients!

December 17

lost big client what to do

I Just Lost That Big Client. Now What? 5 Things To Do

Losing clients is part-and-parcel of freelancing. However, how does one deal with the devastating feeling of losing the BIG one?

January 7

5 Common Reasons Why Freelancers Get Sued (And How To Avoid Them)

Did you know freelancers can get sued for copyright infringement... even when it’s their own work?! The worse part is, it’s more common than you can imagine. Here are the dumbest yet most common reasons freelancers get served.

January 11

19 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Moms to Earn a Side Income

Freelancing is the perfect way for stay-at-home parents to earn extra income. Here are some legit and flexible freelance paths to earn money and blaze a new career path.

January 7

earn more on fiverr as freelancers

5 Steps to Earning More Than a Fiver on Fiverr (A Guide To Fiverr Success)

We’re all aware of Fiverr. As freelancers, we’re likely to dabble in the site at least once in our career. But did you know it’s a potential goldmine for us? Here’s how to start earning big on Fiverr!

January 7

bitcoin and usd dollar bills

Should You Accept Bitcoin as Payment? (the Ultimate Guide)

Are Bitcoin payments the future of freelancing? Here's a guide of what to keep in mind, and how to start.

August 5

Financial Planning

Need an Emergency Fund

Why You Absolutely Need an Emergency Fund (Here's How to Get Started)

Donald Wee

Budgeting Tips for Freelancers

Budgeting Tips for Freelancers (That Make Money Management Easy!)

Bitcatcha Guest

how to build credit score

How to Build Credit Quickly (With or Without a Credit Card!)

How to build your credit score quickly, no matter your situation.

August 5

what is a Good Credit Score

What Is a Good Credit Score? (& Why You Need It)

The whats and whys of a good credit score (and why you should care!)

October 15

A Realistic Guide on how to budget

How To Budget (A Realistic Guide For 2022)

Take back control of your spending by creating a budget. For real this time.

July 22

freelancer getting long term client

A Freelancer’s Guide To Getting Long-Term & Retainer Clients

The secrets behind turning one-time clients into long term retainers.

August 5

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