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Dyson Air Purifier Black Friday Deals 2021 – Get Discounts Upto 25% OFF

May 11, 2022

Dyson Air Purifier Black Friday 25% OFF

LIMITED – get a Dyson air purifier with discounts upto 25% OFF! See deals.


Looking for a Dyson air purifier Black Friday deal? Well, keep reading!


Dyson is an iconic brand that’s as famous for its innovative products as it is for its high prices. Thankfully, Black Friday 2021 is here which gives us all the rare chance to pick up many of these premium products at a discount. However, if you spot a deal that you like – move fast! We’re expecting them to sell out in a blink!


The Best Dyson Air Purifier Black Friday Deals at a Glance


If you’re looking for a high-quality air purifier, you’ll definitely want to check out the Black Friday deals below:


1. Dyson Pure Cool TP02


dyson pure cool tp02


  • Discount: 5% OFF (save $25)
  • Discounted price: $474.99
  • Regular price: $499.99
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1
  • Oscillation (degrees): 180°
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


One of Dyson’s flagship air purifiers, this powerful tower fan can thoroughly cool and purify a room via the Dyson Link app or voice control (via Amazon Alexa). It also comes with night time mode and a sleep timer!



2. Dyson Pure Cool TP04


dyson pure cool tp04


  • Discount: 8% OFF (save $50)
  • Discounted price: $549
  • Regular price: $599
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 8.77 x 8.77 x 41.49
  • Oscillation (degrees): 350°
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


The TP04 is similar to the TP02 but offers a larger display as it intelligently purifies and/or cools your room. On auto-mode, this tower air purifier will adjust its settings based on the air quality detected.



3. Dyson Pure Cool DP04


dyson pure cool dp04


  • Discount: TBC
  • Discounted price: TBC
  • Regular price: $599.99
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 8.77 x 13.85 x 27.2
  • Oscillation (degrees): 350°
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


Essentially a more compact version of the TP04. This is an all-round cooling fan and air purifier in one and is designed to intelligently detect indoor air quality and self-adjust purification settings as needed.



4. Dyson Pure Cool TP01


dyson pure cool tp01


  • Discount: 25% OFF (save $100)
  • Discounted price: $299.99
  • Regular price: $399.99
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 7.7 x 7.7 x 40.1
  • Oscillation (degrees): 70°
  • Full specifications: See on Dyson


A more affordable model in this series that performs well, but doesn’t come with smart features or an LCD read-out (unlike the TP04). Still, it’s a very impressive remote-controlled tower fan that can sense and capture pollutants in real time.



Shop the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Range This Black Friday


Products from the Hot+Cool series from Dyson work as a triple-function heater, cooling fan, and air purifier. These tend to be more expensive, but remember that you’re getting multiple functions in one.


5. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01


dyson pure hot cool hp01


  • Discount: 8% OFF (save $42.99)
  • Discounted price: $499
  • Regular price: $541.99
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 8.7 x 6.06 x 24.88
  • Oscillation (degrees): 350°
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


This triple-whammy is powerful but compact enough to sit on a desk or to be moved from room to room. It’s still powerful enough to heat or cool a decent sized room and is ideal for any season.



6. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04


dyson pure hot cool hp04


  • Discount: TBC
  • Discounted price: TBC
  • Regular price: $688.88
  • Dimensions (L x W x H, in): 9.76 x 8.07 x 30.08
  • Oscillation (degrees): 350°
  • Full specifications: See on Amazon


This is the fancier, smarter Hot+Cool multifunctional air purifier. It offers real-time air quality assessment and can connect to WiFi. You can control it via a smartphone, remote control, or voice control (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).



Why Are Dyson Air Purifiers Our Top Pick for Black Friday?


Dyson is a company that hails from the United Kingdom. Since 1991, they’ve been masters of revolutionizing home appliances.


They’ve grown a huge loyal fanbase thanks to their innovative designs – from bagless vacuum cleaners or bladeless fans.


Dyson’s air purifiers are no exception! These sleek and bladeless air purifiers are at the cutting-edge of tech and are ideal for anyone looking to create a healthier and cleaner home.




  1. Only Dyson air purifiers use Air Multiplier™ technology. This generates strong circulation power that can draw distant pollutants into the machine and projects purified air back into the whole room.
  2. These air purifiers can sense and adapt to pollution events automatically and can be controlled in a range of convenient ways.
  3. Dyson air purifiers are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to be asthma and allergy friendly.


The Best Dyson Air Purifiers That Can Also Cool You


If you’re living in a climate that gets warm in the year, you have a lot to benefit from an air purifier that can also cool you down. Enter Dyson’s Pure Cool range!


Dyson launched their first Pure Cool air purifier in 2015, but have since expanded to offer a range of top-class air purifiers. Many can also cool or heat a room, and report pollution levels in real-time!


These air purifiers have dual-functionality to both purify a room and work as a cooling fan. All are bladeless and utilise HEPA filters and an activated carbon filter. Whilst they tend not to be cheap, the Black Friday sales can help take some sting out of the price!


It can be kind of confusing to understand the different models, so here’s a quick shorthand:


  • TP model
    Tower purifiers, i.e. taller devices that are designed to be put on the floor.
  • DP model
    Desk purifiers, i.e. compact devices made to sit on a desk/table or floor.
  • HP model
    Heating air purifiers.


All Dyson Air Purifiers Come With a HEPA Filter!


All Dyson air purifiers come equipped with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air). These powerful filters are proven to remove 99.97% of allergens and pollutants, including pollen, dust, bacteria, and pet dander.


In fact, Dyson’s air purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles as tiny as 0.3 microns! Plus – each HEPA filter only needs to be changed once a year.


In addition, many Dyson air purifiers use a 360° filtration system and combine the HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter so that they can help remove gases and odors from a room.


Which Dyson Air Purifier Should I Choose?


Here are a couple of considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing which Dyson air purifier to go for:


  1. How big is your room?
    Some Dyson air purifiers are made specifically for larger rooms, whilst others work best in smaller spaces. Make sure your fan is equipped to clean the room you intend to use it in! Check the oscillation of the fan and the L/second.
  2. How do you want to control it?
    Some Dyson air purifiers can be controlled by voice, the app, or remote control, or can even connect to your home WiFi. Check the product details to see if it offers what you need.
  3. Are there particular problems to solve?
    Do you own a pet? Are there smokers in the house? Does someone have allergies? Do you need it to cool or heat a room? Look for a Dyson air purifier that can meet your specific household’s needs.
  4. How quiet do you want it to be?
    Check the decibels produced by the device if you plan to use it whilst sleeping or working. Some models offer a quiet mode.


Don’t Miss Out on a Dyson Air Purifier Black Friday 2021 Deal!


Like most of the world, we absolutely love Dyson’s innovative household products. However, getting a Dyson air purifier at full price can be a hefty investment.


Thank goodness for sales seasons! Black Friday is the perfect time of year to get a top-class air purifier for a lower price. Just remember to move quickly before they sell out – you won’t want to miss these deals!



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