WordPress Speed Optimisations – How To Get 3 Seconds Page Load Time for Your WordPress (eBook)

By Daren Low   Last updated May 08, 2022  

"I slashed SIX seconds off my website load time."


WebPageTest.org shows 7 seconds faster

(In fact I slashed 7 seconds!)



Amazon ran some tests on their website speed…


They discovered that if amazon.com slowed down by one second, the company would lose $1.6 billion.


1.6 billion dollars. Because of one second lag time.


That’s how much speed matters on the internet.





Quite simply, customers aren’t willing to hang around and wait for a website to load. Not even a respected site like Amazon.


So how long are people willing to wait for a website to load?


Studies show that you’ve got about 3 seconds.


After 3 seconds, half your visitors will give up and leave.


So imagine my surprise when I tested my WordPress website, Bitcatcha. In some parts of the world, it took nine seconds to load.


That’s the moment I decided to drop everything and speed up my website.


I thought about hiring an expert, but I decided to save myself thousands of dollars and try it myself. I discovered it’s actually very easy to do.


(There was plenty of trial and error, but don’t worry – I’m going to let you copy all the settings and tricks I used).


The result? I slashed SIX (in fact, seven!) seconds off my website load time.


After running my site through various tests, Bitcatcha.com now loads (completely) in less than 3 seconds.


And, as you can see below, I improved my Google PageSpeed Insights significantly. (This is Google’s recommendations for website speed, which can drastically affect your SEO).



Score 94% with WordPress Speed Optimisations



You don’t need to be a coding genius…


You don’t need to know complex tech or spend a fortune on an agency.


All you need to do is follow 8 simple hacks that I used. Step by step.


In fact, I collected screenshots through the entire process.



Plugins settings to speed up WordPress



You can simply follow my process and copy the exact tricks I used.


At the end of this e-book, you’ll have a super-charged, lightning fast WordPress website too.


It was probably the best investment of time I’ve ever made in my website.



Are you worried about your website speed?


Try loading your website now. Does it feel slow?


If the answer’s yes, it could be affecting your user-experience, your sales and even your SEO.


  • First Impressions Matter If your website is slow, your visitors immediately get a poor impression of your business.
  • Trust We instinctively have less trust in slow websites. We’re less likely to buy from them.
  • User Experience When your website is too slow, it creates a poor user experience right from the start.


There’s another thing too:



A slow website may be harming your search rank…


Google has confirmed that website speed is an important factor in their ranking algorithm.



Loading speed as ranking factor



In other words, slow WordPress sites are penalized by Google, and you may find your website lower down on search results.


It makes sense if you think about it…


Google doesn’t want to send people to slow websites, so it’s no surprise that Google priorities fast-loading sites.


And the biggest problem of all:



A slow website may even be killing your sales


As I mentioned at the start, Amazon calculated that a slow website would cost them billions of dollars.


Why? Because slow speeds scare away customers. It creates a lack of trust which creates hesitation at the checkout.





Some customers will disappear before your site even has chance to load. They simply give up.


So if your WordPress site relies on sales, slow speeds may be killing your revenue.



Download My Copy Here


Get started immediately with this step-by-step guide and unlock the full potential of your WordPress site. With the purchase you will get:


  • Instant download of 1 PDF eBook
  • 123 pages & 77 screenshots
  • 8 detailed WordPress speed hacks
  • Easy-to-understand instructions for optimisations


At the end of optimisations, do expect your website to load in 3 seconds. Start now for a faster and better WordPress.




Revealed: The 8 Simple Hacks To Supercharge Your WordPress Website Speed


That’s why I created this ebook. To help make your WordPress website fast, improve user experience, and increase your sales.


But I didn’t want to make it dense and complicated.


I wanted it to be the simplest and most easy-to-understand resource out there.


So I took screenshots every step of the way, so you can follow my settings exactly, and then tweak them for your own site.


And we’ll do most of it with simple WordPress plugins.



Optimize WordPress Speed with Plugins



It’s step-by-step and easy-to-follow.


So, what are some of the hacks?


  1. Step-by-step guide to installing a cache A cache creates lightweight ‘copies’ of your web pages, so it can deliver them lightning fast to users. We’ll do it all with a simple plugin.
  2. Shrink your code This is one of the most important things you can do for speed. And you don’t need to be a coding genius to do it. In fact, we’ll do most of it with a WordPress plugin.
  3. Optimize your images Large, heavy images slow down your site. I’ll show you a plugin that shrinks and optimizes all your media with just one click (without losing quality).
  4. Pre-browsing Did you know that if you start typing ‘amaz…’ into your search bar, your browser is already pre-loading the amazon.com website in the background? It predicts where you’re going. We’ll show you how to make your website do the same thing, and get a speedy head-start.
  5. More…


We’ll also discuss lightning fast web hosts, lightweight WordPress themes and CDNs (content delivery networks).


By the end of this book, you’ll know everything (and I mean everything) the experts know. And your WordPress website will run up to six seconds faster.



I want a lightning fast website!


Great! All you have to do is download my new e-book.


I’m keeping the price as low as possible, at just $49.99 $22.99. (You’d pay 100 times more to hire a developer).


And here’s a recap of what you’ll get:


  • 123 pages of simple, step-by-step guidance to increase your website speed.
  • 77 detailed (and annotated) screenshots so you can copy my settings exactly.
  • 8 major hacks to increase your website loading speed.


But more than that, by following the hacks, you’ll get:


  • Much faster WordPress load speeds.
  • A potentially higher Google rank.
  • Improved trust and user experience.
  • The chance to make higher sales and conversions.