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Top tier in terms of value with some really neat benefits, it's no surprise Sticky Password made it on this list! You'll find some unique features with Sticky, making them an excellent password manager for those looking for a deal. Learn more.


Sticky Password Review – 7 Pros & 5 Cons of Sticky Password


May 11, 2022


What makes Sticky Password so great? What about them makes people wax poetic about the software, why did Tom’s Guide, CNET and Techradar rate them so highly?


To find out, we installed the password manager into all our machines and used it for a few days to get a feel of how the program really works.



We’ve also taken the liberty to compile them nicely for your benefit, so you can discover everything you need to know about Sticky Password in one place.


Getting to know Sticky Password


I’m pretty sure everybody and their mothers are familiar with the acclaimed anti-virus, AVG. You’ve probably used it in the past, or at least know someone who has.


Well, you’ll be glad to know that most of the C-level executives in Sticky Password are made out of former executives from AVG technologies, who brought the same level of quality and dedication to their craft over to Lamantine Software, the company behind Sticky Password.


Lamantine Software was founded in early 2001 by Alex Tishchenko, with the purpose of creating a more convenient process for people to navigate the digital world – and with that vision, Sticky Password was created.


It’s engineered to create, organize & simplify one’s online life by allowing the user to generate unique passwords for favourite websites, without the trouble of having to memorize them.


Petr Bilek joined the company in 2009 as CEO, bringing his business smarts from AVG to help Lamantine Software expand to new emerging markets around the world.


Sticky Password has since then proven to be successful, with leading security companies like Kapersky Labs implementing their tech into Kapersky’s own password manager software.


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Can We Trust Sticky Password with Our Data?


If the government or a hacker breaches their servers, will our private data remain private? These are the questions that bog most people especially when they’re signing up for services involving their personal data.


Good news is, Sticky Password is based in Brno, Czech Republic.


How is that good for us?


So here’s the deal – the Czech Republic isn’t part of the 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes or 14 Eyes surveillance alliances, which means that if any government, for any reason wants to force the company to reveal their user data, Sticky Password can just give them the finger and go about their merry way.


Any security breaches with Sticky Password?


We haven’t found anything regarding Sticky’s servers being breached, and I suppose that’s good news.


Regardless, even if the servers are breached, Sticky Password utilizes Zero-Knowledge security, which throws the ball to the user to remember their Master Password. They won’t keep that password, and data from the vault cannot be read without that master password.


Hence, it’s practically impossible for data thieves to read your data, even if they manage to somehow breach Sticky Password’s considerably secure fortresses.


Now with all that out of the way, let’s get to the bit you guys actually came here for – our most favourite things about Sticky Password!


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7 Things We Love About Sticky Password


1. Onboarding is super easy!


When it comes to using new programs and software, one of the best ways you can make a user feel welcomed is by creating an onboarding system that is easy & user-friendly.


If I have problems setting up the service on my device, you can bet that my impression with the software is gonna be a sour one, regardless of how useful it actually is.


Fortunately, the company made onboarding Sticky into our systems super convenient.


Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be prompted to download and install Sticky Password to your machine.


sticky password step by step installation


Step by step instructions will be shown on-screen to ensure that you’re never lost.


As you follow the on-screen instructions, there comes a point where you’re prompted to create a new account.


sticky password prompts to create account


You’ll be asked to fill in your email address and your Master Password. This is extremely important – do NOT lose your Master Password! It is the sole key to unlocking your vault, and it is the only password the software doesn’t store.


sticky password prompts to set master password


So use a Master Password that you’ll either remember for life or something really secure, write it down and keep it under lock and key.


Once you sort out that bit, Sticky will ask if you would like to have Cloud Sync on, so that your data is synced across all devices all the time, or just the local Wi-Fi sync.


sticky password cloud sync to share passwords across all devices


In theory, local Wi-Fi sync is more secure because your data never goes on the internet, and it will only sync with each other if there is a Wi-Fi connection.


However, since Sticky utilizes AES-256 encryption (more on that later), nobody should be able to hijack your data during online syncing so we just preferred to have Cloud Sync on.


We appreciate the option though.


The next step is where things get interesting, for me at least – Sticky will detect the browsers you are using automatically, and ask if you’d like to import the login data stored in there into Sticky’s database.


sticky password intergrate with web browsers


You just need to select whichever browser data you wish to import and hit “Continue”, then Sticky will automatically do the work for you! No need to mess around, going into Chrome’s browsers to download csv files and what not!


You should be done by now, but Sticky will prompt you to download their browser extension to integrate their software into your daily browsing habits.


sticky password prompts to install chrome browser extension


None of this process is complicated at all, and sticky does most of the heavy lifting for you.


All you need to do is click “Next”. Needless to say, we’re grateful for the convenience.



* Enjoy premium features for 30 days!


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2. App Accounts are available!


This is one feature I never knew I wanted in a password manager. We’ve gotten so used to using password managers on browsers that we forgot applications exist and sometimes we need to our log in to actually use them.


I’ve forgotten my Skype login details countless times (resorting to hitting the “Reset Password” button every time I need to use it), and was pleasantly surprised to find that Sticky is able to store and apply my details on applications as well.


Adding the applications into Sticky’s system proved to be a little more complicated than I’d like because I needed to find the source of the exe, which meant I needed to go digging in my C drive to find where I initially installed the program.


It’s a good thing that Sticky had the foresight to add a little button to make this process much easier.


sticky password can store passwords for other applications


All you have to do is fire up the program, open up Sticky, drag that little button over to the desired program and it’ll automatically be added into Sticky’s App Accounts. Easy Peasy!


However, we found the App Accounts feature to be a little iffy. It worked perfectly fine with Skype auto-filling my login details, but we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work with my Epic Games launcher.


The workaround I used was to go into App Accounts, copy my username and password and “Ctrl + V” in the launcher. Not the most elegant way to get things done, but at least I won’t have to keep hitting “reset password” every time I want to log in.


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3. Portable device backup!


Hey look, here’s another feature I never knew I needed!


There has been more than one occasion where I had to log in to a site from a public or a friend’s computer, only to facepalm because I realized that I don’t have access to my own password manager on a different computer.


Cue me pulling out the mobile version installed on my phone, looking for my logins and manually typing it down in the browser like a degenerate animal.


Sticky Password is able to create a portable version of itself to be stored in a flash drive, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.


sticky password portable version let's you access passwords anywhere


When you plug the flash drive into a new computer, you won’t even need to install the software.


You just have to locate the portable Sticky Password.exe and launch it, and you’ll have a portable version of the program running on a new computer, with access to all your data and logins.


Convenient isn’t it?


Just make sure you unplug it before leaving the computer, you don’t want anyone else getting their grubby mitts on your precious logins.



* Unlimited password, autofill & autologin, Cloud Sync, and more!
** 30-day money back guarantee!


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4. Multiple browser extensions, including Safari!


As of September 2021, 62.91% of all internet users use Chrome as their browser.


chrome has 58.1% market share in browser



However, does it mean that the rest of the world that don’t use Chrome (for good reason, there are much more secure browsers out there) shouldn’t have access to a decent password manager?


In a world where most password managers ONLY have browser extensions for Chrome, Edge… and maybe Firefox, users of other obscure browsers will be happy to know that Sticky most likely has browser extensions for them!


Safari users especially will indeed welcome the news. As the browser with the second-highest list of internet users, we have no idea why most password managers don’t support Safari.


Here are just a few of the 17 browser extensions supported by Sticky Password:


  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Brave
  • Opera**

  • Chromium**
  • Seamonkey**
  • Yandex**
  • Comodo Dragon**
  • Pale Moon**
  • Safari 12 or higher

** Only 32-bit version of these browsers are supported.


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5. Autofill credit card & banking details!


One of the many benefits I look out for in a password manager is whether or not they have the ability to save personal details.




Well, it’s because… I’m lazy. I don’t like filling in details in sign-up forms whenever I’m subscribing to something new, or getting some online shopping done.


Sticky comes with the ability to store your personal details. But that’s not my most favourite thing about this feature.


My most favourite thing is the ability to store credit card details and banking info.


sticky password can store credit card & banking details


There are countless times when I’m all cozy and comfortably seated in my chair, getting my regular online shopping done and then… I had to go through the travesty of getting up to reach for my credit card.


Okay that may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but I’m lazy, remember? I don’t like getting up. If I could have food delivered directly to my couch, I would.


Anyway, I digress. Sticky stores your personal details, credit card numbers and banking info, so whether you’re shopping online or signing up for a new forum, you literally don’t have to do anything – Sticky auto-fills everything for you.


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6. Sticky has got really neat benefits!


A password manager really doesn’t have to do much. I expect them to just remember my passwords and generate new ones for me, that’s all.


When a password manager goes beyond those duties to offer you benefits that increase the quality of your digital life, you know that company cares for its users.


Sticky Password obviously cares and it shows with the benefits they’ve implemented into their system.


  1. Unlimited Devices
    Unlike some other password managers, Sticky Password lets you use the software on all of your devices. They’re all synced too, so key in a password in one device and everything else gets updated!
  2. Secure Password Sharing
    You can send your passwords to email addresses, and allow the recipients limited rights (cannot edit) or full rights (can edit, can revoke access) to your passwords. Granted, they’ll have to install at least the free version of Sticky Password to use your logins, but it’s a benefit I can really appreciate.
  3. Cloud Backup
    Sticky utilizes cloud backups, so if your main PC dies on you, all you need to do is just get a new one, install Sticky Password, and you’ll have all your data restored!
  4. Cutting Edge Security
    You can’t launch a password manager without having decent security in place, and Sticky has that in spades.


    They implement military grade AES-256 encryption so your data can’t be intercepted during syncing. 2-factor authentication (2FA) is available if you want it, providing you with an extra layer of security.


    The mobile app uses biometric scanning, so no one can access your passwords unless they cut off your thumb.


    Best of all, zero-knowledge encryption – your vault cannot be opened without your master password, by ANYONE. Even if data thieves get their hands on your data, they can’t read it without your master password.



* Unlimited password, autofill & autologin, Cloud Sync, and more!
** 30-day money back guarantee!


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7. You get to save manatees!


Okay, so this one doesn’t bring you any sort of benefit, but it’s for a cause we feel is good enough for us to highlight – manatees!


sticky password saves manatees with each license sold


Manatees are gentle, endangered creatures that live off water plants in tropical seas. They’re given the moniker “sea cows” because of their gentle disposition and their peaceful nature.


They are also one of the most adorable sea creatures you’ll ever see!


Lamantine Software (the company behind Sticky) works closely with the Save the Manatees Club, offering them financial support whenever they’re in need. In order to continuously support the club, Lamantine Software requires funds – funds they receive when you purchase a premium Sticky Password account!


In short, when you purchase a premium account, you indirectly save the manatees!


Fun Fact

Lamantine Software is named after Lementin, which is Manatee in French!


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5 Problems with Sticky Password


So far, Sticky Password seems to be a really good password manager, but is it the best?


We don’t think so, and here’s why.


1. No live chat support


Okay, to be fair, live chat is generally not needed with password managers, but I’d really appreciate it if it could be implemented.


Email support works fine with the team getting back to you within 24 hours, but I personally just prefer live chat support for the speed.


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2. Syncing can be slow


When testing other password managers, syncing happens almost simultaneously.


With Sticky it seems like the logins weren’t immediately updated. In fact, I had to manually sync my devices for a login entered in the desktop app to show up in the mobile version.


Could be a one time issue, could be a user issue, or it could just be a little glitchy.


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3. Desktop App UI needs work


For some reason, Sticky decided to hide some of the more important features of the app away.


I was looking high and low for the password generator, only to find it hidden in the drop-down menu on the upper right, instead of featuring it on the main interface.


sticky password desktop app UI need rework


Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought the software doesn’t come with a password generator.


At least it’s prominently featured in the browser extension.


sticky password generator is easily seen in browser extension


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4. No Password generator for mobile app – now available!


When it comes to mobile devices, we have apps that we frequently need to sign in to, and sometimes we’d want to change the password on those apps. However, Sticky doesn’t come with a mobile password generator which crushes our dreams of easily changing mobile app passwords on the go.


September 2021 Update – It now looks like the password generator is now available on the mobile app – for both iOS and Android!


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5. It can be overzealous and fail to work


It seems to be that Sticky can be really overeager in getting the passwords changed for you… except it doesn’t always work.


Now I don’t know if it’s a problem with my email server or a problem with Sticky, but when i tried to log in to one of my many emails, the service prompted me to change my password.


Before I knew it, Sticky took over, generated a password and filled in the forms for me.


“Oh” I thought to myself, “that’s really convenient.”


Except that now I can’t seem to log in to my email.


Like I said, I don’t know if this is an issue with my email server or with Sticky not remembering the right passwords, but I sure hope it’s a one time issue.


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6. It lacks important features


Yes, Sticky introduces a lot of features that other password managers don’t have, namely App Accounts and Portable Device Backup, but they seem to lack a lot of other features as well, such as:


  • Dark Web Scanning
    Sticky doesn’t scan the dark web to see if your logins are compromised or not.
  • Emergency Contact
    We are unable to allow ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts to access our passwords.
  • Secure Note Sharing
    We can’t share stuff like WiFi passwords securely.


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Sticky Password Plan & Pricing: Overview


Sticky Password has 3 plans – Free, Premium, and Lifetime – to suit all sorts of user needs:



No. of Password

Autofill & Login

Digital Wallet

Cloud Sync

Cloud Backup

Priority Support

Price /mo
$99.99 (1-time)

* Price shown is billed on an annual basis; a total of $29.99 /yr.


Sticky Password Free


Sticky Password’s free account is actually quite decent. You get all the benefits of the premium account (for 30 days), except for priority support, syncing, and password sharing. You also won’t get to save the manatees.


That being said, you’re not limited to a number of passwords you can store, nor are you limited to the number of devices you can install the software on. The only problem is, they’re not synced so you’ll have to manually key in your passwords on your devices at least once for the program to remember.


Sticky Password Premium


This is where the money’s at – literally and figuratively.


All the features are unlocked with Premium, and you’ll get syncing, cloud backup, password sharing, and premium support that will reply to your emails within 24 hours. Premium will set you back $29.99 for a year.


Sticky Password Lifetime


Here’s where Sticky Password stands out from the crowd.


With their lifetime account, you only have to fork out $199.99 $99.99 (save 50% if you buy now!) and you’ll get to enjoy ALL of Sticky’s premium services for LIFE!


While this might seem enticing, do keep in mind that there is the risk of the company going belly up, which will cause you to lose your lifetime account. However, the chances of this happening are pretty unlikely.


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How Does 1Password Perform Against Competition?


This part is where we’ll see if Sticky Password has what it takes to get in the ring with the big boys in password management. We’ll compare them with a couple of competitors, looking at how they fare in regards to value, features, ease of use and security.


Sticky Password VS NordPass


  1. Value
    NordPass is one of the password managers we love most, not just because it’s so damn easy to use but it’s also really affordable.
    Sticky Password provides the user with really affordable pricing (similar to NordPass) and they’ve got arguably better features compared to NordPass.
    On top of that, users have the option of purchasing Sticky’s Lifetime plan – $99.99 one time payment for lifetime access.
    I think it’s quite clear here – Sticky Password provides better value.


  1. Useability
    To us, ease of use is highly important because if a program feels buggy or has too steep of a learning curve, no one’s gonna use it no matter how good it is.
    Unfortunately, Sticky Password loses this round as our experience using their app was a bit of a letdown, with App Accounts not always working properly, and requiring us to manually sync devices.
    NordPass’s excellent UX flat out wrecks Sticky Password’s buggy software.


  1. Features
    NordPass is relatively newer to the industry (launched in late 2019), and started off pretty bare-bones. However, they’ve done a great job adding features rapidly and now offer a Data Breach Scanner, a built-in Password Generator, secure sharing and more.
    Sticky Password’s basic features work a little less efficiently compared to NordPass, but they’ve got functions unique to them, such as their portable version and app accounts.
    Sticky has more unique features, but we think NordPass covers the more important features better.


  1. Security
    In terms of security, both password managers offer the BEST security measures out there to ensure your details are safe from hackers.
    2FA, military-tier encryption, biometric scanning, you name it, they both have it. It definitely doesn’t hurt that both are pioneered by teams that are experts in online security – AVG and Nord.
    Pair these security measures with zero-knowledge architecture and you’ve got password managers with fortress-like security.
    That said, we can’t help but lean towards NordPass since they offer just that extra layer of security – from utilizing the cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, to giving you the option of a security key. They also offer dark web scanning where Sticky doesn’t. Plus, they make a mean VPN.


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Sticky Password VS Dashlane


  1. Value
    Value can be determined by 2 factors:
    affordability and the benefits offered.
    If referring to the former, Dashlane doesn’t provide much value – it’s pretty damn expensive, compared to Sticky.
    However, if you’re the type that sees value in terms of benefits, Dashlane would wipe the floor with Sticky.
    So to be fair, they both get a point – Dashlane for benefits, Sticky for pricing.


  1. Useability
    We’ve complained enough about Sticky’s features being a little buggy, so we’ll stop grumbling about that.
    Instead, we’ll focus on Dashlane’s excellent UI.
    It’s natural to use, beautiful, doesn’t feel buggy at all, and it feels premium.
    Needless to say, Dashlane gets this one.


  1. Features
    As premium password managers, both Dashlane and Sticky does the basics very well.
    However, if we’re speaking strictly in terms of features, Sticky doesn’t hold a candle against Dashlane.
    It lacks features we find really important such as dark web scanning, emergency contacts, sharing of secure notes, etc.
    In short, Dashlane can do more compared to Sticky.
    Point goes to Dashlane.


  1. Security
    As leading password managers, both players have to ensure they provide the best security measures for their customers because we wouldn’t expect anything less.
    Both players performed remarkably well by using the latest tech in security in their systems, ensuring that our data remains as safe as possible.
    Again, it’s a draw – they both have excellent security!


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Verdict: Should You Go For Sticky Password?


We like Sticky Password.


They’ve got really good features that other password managers should implement into their systems, namely Portable Device Backup, App Accounts, and WiFi syncing.


Their onboarding process is really easy, we LOVE how they automatically imported our data from the browsers and they’re easily the brand with the biggest list of browser extensions so far.


Using it is fairly easy, requiring no training of any sort.


Everything sounds good and all so far, but Sticky just doesn’t have what it takes to really go toe to toe with the big boys.


For a premium password manager, Sticky feels a little unpolished. The UI needs a bit of work, data syncing seems to be a little laggy, and the desktop app can feel overzealous (which failed miserably, but that’s strictly just our experience).


They lack the real important features, like dark web scanning (which scans the net for your compromised passwords), you can’t add emergency contacts to your system, and there seems to be no way to share secure notes.


The silver lining to all this is that Sticky provides great value with their Lifetime price – a one-time payment of only $99.99 to enjoy their services for the rest of your life (or for the rest of the company’s life, whichever comes first).


So if you’re not a stickler for features and you’re looking for a password manager that gives you really great value, Sticky’s the brand for you (You’ll also save the manatees by using Sticky!)


If you prefer something with a little more depth, you might want to try looking into our list of best password managers instead.


Key Features

  • ✓ Unlimited passwords
  • ✓ Lifetime plan
  • ✓ USB portable version
  • ✓ Local WiFi sync
  • ✓ App Accounts
  • ✓ Cloud backup

Recommended For

  • • Personal use
  • • Windows users
  • • Multi-device users
  • • Manatee lovers



* Unlimited password, autofill & autologin, Cloud Sync, and more!
** 30-day money back guarantee!


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Sticky Password



Overall Rating

rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5rated 4 out of 5

Feature Highlights


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  • * Billed annually
  • • Lifetime plan available

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