General Chair Message

Dear Colleagues: We thank you very much for the interest you have shown in ICCSII 2013. Technical Program not scheduled in appropriate time due to schedule conflicts and cancellation by some participants. Therefore, we apologize for that and for any convenience. Here is the final program scheduled.

I look forward to seeing you in next ICCSII 2014
Best regards.
Endra Joelianto
General Chair





2013 2nd IEEE Conference on
Control, Systems & Industrial Informatics
Bandung, Indonesia | June, 23-26 2013

ICCSII 2013 is organized by the IEEE Indonesia Section Control Systems and Robotics and Automation Society Joint Chapter. The conference is the 2nd Annual event by the joint chapter that focuses on theory, application and integration of control, systems and industrial informatics. The conference will invite several prominent keynote speakers who will focus on related state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of the conference. The aim of the conference is to stimulate interactions among researchers active in the areas control, systems, industrial informatics and their interaction and integration. The topics of interests include, but are not limited to:


Biological Systems, Communication Systems, Computing Systems, Cooperative Systems, Economics and Systems, Hybrid Systems, Mechanical Systems, Stochastic Systems, Systems Inspired Mathematics, Bio-inspired systems, Intelligent Systems, Signal Processing


Control Theory , Control Application, Networked Control, Intelligent Control, Adaptive Control, Robust Control, Distributed Control, Embedded Control, Linear and Nonlinear Control, Precision Motion Control, Control Engineering and Education, Integrated Planning and Control

Industrial Informatics

Soft computing, Ubiquitous computing, Distributed/decentralized intelligent, Fuzzy systems, AI and expert systems, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Wearable computers, Information systems and retrieval, Knowledge engineering, Signal/Image and multimedia processing, Software-enabled control, Real-time operating systems, Architecture for autonomous systems, Software engineering for real-time systems, Real-time data communications, Context-aware computing, Integrated information and automation